Cauliflower pizza

ImageThought I would try my hand at cauliflower pizza crust. I will share with you what I did then I will share with you what I may change next time.

The recipe called for cauliflower that was processed in a food processor.  I don’t have a food processor. They also said you could use a grater. That seems like a pain in the butt to me so I decided to make use of my grinder attachment on my KitchenAid mixer. Worked like a charm!


1 head of cauliflower (this made about 3 cups)

3 eggs (beaten)

1cup shredded mozzarella

2 tsp minced garlic

1T. Italian seasoning

once cauliflower is grated/grinded put it in a microwave safe dish and cook for 5-6 minutes covered or til it’s tender.  Add remaining ingredients, mix well and spread on a sprayed pizza pan. ( I used a pampered chef stone) Bake 15 minutes in a 450° preheated oven. The edges will look as though they are burning but they aren’t.

While it’s baking you can prepare any toppings you want on it. I chose green peppers, onions,mushrooms, black olives, leftover venison strips that were precooked,  tomato slices and Canadian bacon and mozzarella cheese. I made two separate pizzas for us as I hate mushrooms and venison and Mark hates olives.  I steamed the onions and peppers to soften them a bit as once the crust is cooked as you only broil it with the toppings for a few minutes. Notice I didn’t mention pizza sauce? That would be because I didn’t have any and I live in the middle of nowhere and was not going to drive somewhere just for pizza sauce.

Once the crust was finished I topped it with the tomato slices (my mock pizza sauce), and all the toppings. I then broiled it for about 2 1/2-3 minutes till the cheese was bubbly.

All in all, it was pretty darn good! I will say that pizza sauce would have made it taste a lot more like pizza, but this has to be close to the healthiest pizza I’ve eaten. Mark really liked it but he’s not fussy.

* what I would do different….

I would maybe strain the cauliflower in a mesh strainer for a while to remove any excess liquid, as when it was baking some liquid seeped out and spilled over the edge. Nothing major…. Also I would make the crust a bit thinner (personal preference). I made mine about 1/4 inch thick. Possibly would cook it a bit longer, as at some points the crust had almost a scrambled-eggish  type texture. Not horrible…just a tweak.

Mark’s comment: he really liked it, but said it wasn’t very filling so he ate the entire thing. I said… “the entire pizza is vegetables… it’s no big deal!”

Will definitely make this again!



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