Welcome to my first post!

Woke up to everything being covered by a thin layer of ice. Apparently my hubby said at about 1 a.m. We had freezing rain. This winter has been crazy! I believe last count was over 68 inches of snow (so far) and about the same number of days below zero! Good thing it’s so beautiful up here, or I may wanna be like a bird and fly south!

Today is the day that HOPEFULLY Mark and I will get back on track with our diet! I swear, since we decided to start eating healthier we have never been so naughty! I feel like we’ve eaten out more in the past week than we have the last three months. There’s something about knowing you shouldn’t have something but wanting it more than you ever have. Doesn’t help that I am the master enabler, so when my son and his friend came to visit I made lasagna, venison & potato burritos, cinnamon popcorn, and chocolate chip milkshakes! Let’s not forget Mark’s famous, homemade secret recipe banana pancakes! Why is it that we can’t lose weight? Hmmm… I’m a mom, and I know the way to MY family’s heart is right through their stomach. (I just have to find a healthier way to accomplish the same result)



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