Coyote turned convict dream

I swear sometimes I just don’t know what goes on in my head while I sleep! I am known to have a very vivid dreams and the thing is, I remember them and sometimes they come true. Blessing or curse you tell me but this one is NOT going to come true!

Well, here goes…. We were out in our yard which had a small lake in front ( this part is true, we really do live on a small private lake) anyway there was a coyote on the side of the lake… It looked mean and ferocious and was coming after our dog. I yelled for Mark to come and shoot it. So what does any loving caring husband do? He tells me to jump in the lake and lure it toward ME because it wasn’t standing right for him to get a good shot! I mean that makes sense…. Let’s make your wife bait! Honestly…..

Well, he shoots it but it doesn’t die… So he straps it down on a wooden table in our garage… I’m not quite sure why he didn’t just kill it. In the meantime the dang thing turned into a man… Not just any man…. An escaped convict from the local jail!  he wakes up off the table unstrapped himself and walks into our house. Our son Austin was there, our daughter Sam, and her husband Jordon. Someone else was there too but I’m not sure who it was.

Anyway as he’s walking into our house, I yelled for Mark to come and shoot him!  But no…why would he shoot him…the escaped convict….he chooses to “reason” with him. I said “JUST SHOOT HIM!” Well you know what happened? The man shot MARK! And then proceeds to lock me in a wooden box in our backyard. It had a tiny slit in it that I could see through. Then he walked back into our house and started slamming my daughter into the wall. My son Austin was like ” Uh…no…no you did NOT just hit my sister.” Then he proceeds to beat the crap out of him. Jordon, Sam’s husband, just looked back and forth, back and forth and was wondering what the heck was going on.

I remember being in that box thinking “I have my cell phone, I have to call 911!” But it wouldn’t let me dial 911. Then I thought, “I have to call my friend Krystal and get the number for the sheriffs dept.” NOT just TELL Krystal I need help….NO…I have to get the NUMBER… HAHAHA !  But I looked down at my phone and my signal said  -3 bars!?! NEGATIVE 3 BARS?!?! Wow!

As is normal in dreams,  you always end up someplace else right in the middle of your dream. Next thing I know I am at a doctors office(??)where they told me I had to draw a picture of the person that killed my husband…but that the killer would be face to face with me…. Uh…WHY do I need to DRAW them if they clearly have them in custody sitting right across from me?!?

Strange thing is, now the killer is not a MAN, it’s a WOMAN…. Who proceeded to tell me what a horrible job I did drawing her….. got so unbelievably ticked at me that I thought she was going to kill ME….

I said “uh…well…. Do you think I’M happy that you killed MY husband? Uh…no… DEAL WITH IT”

…and then I woke up…

***interesting thing…. supposedly seeing a coyote in a dream, or having one attack you denotes you are struggling with your own selfish needs….

I will just say I don’t totally buy into the whole paranormal deal….just found this interesting as I am battling with starting the process of extensive dental work and feeling VERY guilty about spending the money on myself.



One thought on “Coyote turned convict dream

  1. Oh wow this so sounds like something i’d dream of haha. I often dream that I am trying to dial 911 but can’t…. either the numbers aren’t there, they move around, i’m not strong enough to push them, etc… Creepy!


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