My freaking teeth~part 1

My teeth suck! That’s the only way to put it!

Brief history- I have had bad teeth for as long as I can remember.  As a child I had pitted nasty teeth. Right before my senior year I had a bunch of dental work done. I think it was veneers that they put on my teeth I’m not sure though. They seemed to look “ok” for a while. I’ve had multiple root canals, crowns, and so many teeth pulled. For me it was cheaper and easier to pull a tooth then it was to fix it, partially due to no insurance and not having the money to pay for it to be fixed correctly. I ignored my teeth for a lot of years, not taking care of them how I should. One by one my teeth would break and I would be so mad, so ashamed, so embarrassed.

One dentist told me that babies that getting laid down with bottles is about the worst thing that can happen to wreck your teeth. I also had a Mountain Dew addiction, but that came long after my rotten teeth. My teeth would break, and I would just ignore them. Sometimes the pain would be so bad I would down ibuprofen like it was candy. I knew I had to do something.

I woke up one day and the side of my face was swollen, I knew from past experience that today was the day I needed to make an appointment because in a few days it would be really bad. So I made an appointment at a dentist office I had never been to before. (A referral from my old dentist who retired).  The night before my appointment I went down to stay with my kids and help get my son’s place cleaned up because he was moving. That night my front tooth broke right off at my gumline. After cussing and swearing and screaming at the world, I called the dentist immediately to see if they could get me in right away. I went in the morning for my appointment,  where they quickly told me the rest of the tooth would have to be extracted along with the one that was causing me so much pain.

The Oral surgeon pulled the painful tooth out, and it was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever heard or seen. It was in such bad shape that the root was like a black soggy noodle. Disgust! All I kept thinking was, thank goodness it happened now and not on my daughter’s wedding day that was coming up.

They took impressions of my mouth and made me a partial. It would have my front tooth, the tooth they pulled, and also a back molar that had been pulled a long time ago on it.

What a sickening thing….had to learn to eat all over….talk…. Sheesh….everyone said I had a lisp… But I guess a lispy, fake front tooth is better than no front tooth! Trust me, you don’t realize how ugly you get when you don’t have a front tooth! Bonus being, at least I have a front tooth for my daughters wedding! PHEW!

UNTILLLLLLL….. My freaking partial broke at my daughter’s wedding dance!!!!! What do you do?  Well if you’re me you get a tube of super glue and glue your front tooth back on! And in the process of gluing your front tooth back on the glue won’t come out, So you give it a “gentle” squeeze…. And of course end up completely filling the partial with superglue….getting your fingers and thumb totally stuck to it….so your mind says when you want to “clean” something off, you wash it…. Bad idea…..what a mess. But….the tooth stayed glued long enough to get me through the weekend…not COMFORTABLY….but I got through.

First thing Monday morning I called the dentist to tell them what happened. They informed me that because I triedBro “Self remedy” that it would void my warranty and there was nothing they could do, other than try to repair it or make me me a new one…at MY cost….precisely the reason I no longer go there . (that, and the fact that the first time he saw me he told me if I wasnt willing to stop Mountain Dew to not even waste his time…nice huh? Little did he know just how much money I could be padding his pockets with. Sorry doc, my business is going elsewhere.

Which brings me to my newest venture….my new dentist, and my new plan. Stay tuned for “My freaking teeth~part 2!



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