Maple venison breakfast sausage


Tried our hand at a new homemade venison breakfast sausage recipe today. I hate…despise venison so I’m not a good candidate to tell you how it tasted, but Mark said it was REALLY good!

My KitchenAid mixer has been my savior on more than one occasion! I use that thing for EVERYTHING! I used my dough hook to mix the pork and venison together once it was ground, we have a grinder attachment for it that lets us grind our own meat(works amazingly). Mark prefers patties to links, but you could easily stuff into casings & make links if you like.

Maple venison breakfast sausage

12 lbs ground venison

4 lbs ground pork ( we used a very lean boneless pork loin instead of a fattier chunk like the pork butt that some use)

1/4 cup salt (I used sea salt)

2 T. Black pepper

2 T. Red pepper flakes

6 T. Rubbed sage

1/2  cup brown sugar

2 T. Maple extract

mix all very well and add to ground mixture. We packaged it in half pound packages and ended up with 14 packages ( once Mark got done taste testing and having some for breakfast)



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