Manic Monday

Sheesh….I have spent literally ALLLLLL day working on the setup of this blog, and honestly can say I’m not sure if I accomplished what I wanted! 

Its been a day of lounging in my pjs drinking coffee, (well let’s not fool anyone…that is how ALL of my days are) and trying different blog formats. But now, it is 6:10 p.m. And I have not even THOUGHT of supper…so I best get at it, because tonight is “Manic Monday” …a name my hubby gave Monday nights because that is when all my “crazy lady” TV shows are on.

Its Real Housewives night…don’t judge me, it’s my guilty pleasure!  Manic Monday follows Fat Pants Sunday….(let’s not fool anyone again….EVERY day is fat pants day) when your laundry consists only of pajama pants and sweatshirts! Have a great night!



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