My freaking teeth ~part 2

After speaking with my boss who is a retired dentist,(retired being the key word….darn!!!) he told me to look for a prosthodontist, not a regular dentist. He said he could refer me to some in the Twin Cities, but I might be better off to look for one in Duluth, MN Due to travel, etc. After doing a Google search I did find one in Duluth. As a matter of fact it is the ONLY one! When I called the receptionist said they have quite the following with people traveling 500 miles one way to see them.

I made a consultation appointment and went in. I have never been through such an extensive consultation as this.  They did a 3-D CAT scan,  which is pretty amazing. They sat me down and checked each and every tooth,  marking down what prior work had been done, if in fact I actually had enough bone to even do anything permanent, etc.

Upon review of my cat scan he determined that I have pretty sound bottom teeth (thank the Lord!) but unfortunately the entire top row of teeth need to be extracted and replaced. My cheapest option being dentures. I immediately said “Uh…no…” My boss had already warned me of not having tooth roots in your mouth for a period of time causes bone loss. You know how you see those sweet little old ladies with the curled up chin? Most likely that is due to bone loss, and wearing dentures. Mine, however will be the top, so if I lose bone, my cheeks could eventually cave in. No thanks!

The next option was getting molars implanted but then having a”snap in” piece with the front 6-8 teeth  attached it. This would be removable. Again my response was “No thanks, I have already dealt with a snap in partial.” Remember, the dang thing broke at my daughters wedding. If I’m going to spend this much money, I’m going permanent, none of this half-assed chincy stuff. (Which by the way is not cheap either).

My next option was to extract all of my top teeth, let my gums heal, go back and have 8 implant posts put in, and get a permanent bolt in crown and bridge assembly. This is only removable by the dentist, and permanently attached with implants. (my only other option is to do an impant and crown for each individual tooth, and there is no way that is happening, number one….I hate how it looks, because there is no natural looking gums in between your teeth, number two…I refuse to spend $150000 on that route. This route will be enough at slightly less than half of that!

These teeth will be made of porcelain, not acrylic. He said this is the most ” bulletproof”.

I went back for a second consultation to talk more about options, costs, plans. Upon further review of my cat scan he notices that I have tooth roots growing up into my sinuses. He said when he pulls those teeth it will create a hole in my sinus. He said that’s not totally uncommon, but it throws a wrench in things because now I have to have A sinus lift and that can take six months to heal before he can do anymore work. Greeeeeaaaaattttttt! If it doesn’t heal on its own I have to have bone grafts done, which also takes time to set.

You know, I just get to thinking, “Maybe I will just pull all my teeth, let my face cave in, and drink applesauce through a straw for the rest of my life.” Seriously disgusted.

Here are my fears and concerns…

1) pain…2) hating them once they are all done…3) my swollen face never going down…4)them never seeming “right” to me…5) time…6) too much work being done at once, not being able to handle it…7)sinus lift won’t heal, bone graft won’t take, toothless forever….8)talking different….9)needing more work once they get into it….10)having big, glow in the dark white, gigantoid chiclet rabbit like teeth…11)obviously the cost And the guilt of spending THAT much money on just me…12)being soooo used to having ugly teeth that when I get nice ones I STILL won’t smile because I will think they look fake…

oh the list goes on and on and on…..

You know it’s not like Mark and I are spending this HUGE amount of money on a house that we will BOTH live in, a yacht that we will BOTH sail off in, my dream camaro for us to cruise around in….no…this is a HUGE amount of money that will just be for me…to be able to chew food, and hopefully smile.

T.O.T.A.L.L.Y   R.E.D.I.C!!!! But whaddya do?



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