BEST wedding toast ever

Sam and Jordon’s wedding

(click above on Sam and Jordon’s wedding)

First off, my apologies for the poor quality of this video. It was recorded with my cell phone, on a whim….I was just going to take a picture of my daughters matron of honor doing her toast, then she grabbed a mic and music started playing!

Jenna was not only Sam’s matron of honor but also Jordon’s sister. So this little remake of Taylor Swifts Love Story has special meaning! Listen carefully to the words and you will see how my daughter and her love came to be!

Ive heard this song three times this week…I actually haven’t thought much about it since the wedding to be honest…but this week I heard it three times….and EVERY.SINGLE.TIME it gets me! The part where Taylor sings “…marry me Juliet you’ll never have to be alone…” I catch myself now singing “…marry me Samantha…” And completely BAWLING…MY…EYES…OUT!

Brings me right back to that perfect day….



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