What diet?!?

Yeah, so I made the “healthy” cookies today as you can see below… but today happened to be a day where I not only wanted a Hershey BAR…I indeed wanted the entire FACTORY! I swear I have sympathy PMS with my daughter…. When she cycles I am the one craving potato chips dipped in chocolate!

Anyhoo…. I made the healthy cookies, and then told Mark we were having salad tonight for supper , but I really wanted pizza. “ohhhhh…. Pizzzzzzaaaaa” he says…. “That sounds realllly good” I said, “You know Mark, YOU are supposed to tell ME, NO!” So…. What kind of pizza do you want me to order?”

Sheesh! Yes, we got pizza… Not one… But two! But they were only 12 inch ones…. So that’s just like a large! Right? 😉



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