So there’s this boy…

imageSo… tonight my son Austin calls to talk health insurance with me.  He’s trying to explain something on his insurance papers. I said , “Man, I wish I could SEE it, it would make so much more sense to me!” So I told him to snap a pic and send it to me. He says “I have Skype….” Me too! (As if I really even know how to use it)

Anyhoo, he tries to call me, I unknowingly hang up. I just hit buttons… But somehow hit the right one to call him, but apparently HE is trying to call ME…

We finally get connected.  We talk a while, and it becomes clear to me what he does when he calls me on the phone… Gets sidetracked with this and that. So I sit and watch him…..

He gets a phone call from his lovely… I sit and watch him….he calls me a creeper… Or weirdo… Or something like that. Well what am I supposed to do? Were skyping… Talk to MYSELF??!

So what does he do? He shuts his computer! I thought that meant he hung up, so I proceed to tell Mark, “the boy just shut me down” but then I hear Austin giggle. I said “Can you still see me!?!” “Yes mom, yes I can still see you.” Woah

I couldn’t figure out how he could still see me…so I test him… “How many fingers am I holding up then smarty pants?” ” TWO” whaaaaat??? Wait!!!  TWO…FOUR…now your scratching your head! Holy cow! How in the?????

Well, the turd was just using his thumb to cover the camera and could still see me the entire time.

Now before you go and think how truly stupid I must be…. Remember I live practically ALONE… On 900 acres… And don’t have much of a life and are not all that technologically savvy… Don’t judge me!

Plus, my son reaaaallly likes to mess with me!! But I wouldn’t have it any other way! He has been the source of many laughs, many fun times, playing Tiger Woods golf , guitar hero, going golfing, watching  Rachael Ray…. The list goes on and on! Yes, I am the master enabler, yes he is my boy, no, it will probably never change! Love love love him!

So there’s this boy, he stole my heart, his name is Austin, he calls me mom…



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