Hair color & hydrocodone don’t mix

Well, I decided that Ive had enough with my hair. I have been seeing far to many greys poking out… And am just in a mood for a little more blonde. Just a little. Something brighter… Something not so—-gross .

Let me just preface this with the fact that for the past 25 years I have carried a cosmetology license. About a year ago I let my license go because I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt I would never use it again. After all, we hit the lottery with this new job Mark got, and now…I’m retired. Haha

Well…. Let’s just say that you should NEVER color your hair on a whim and certainly not when you are as disgusted as I was. We have always told our kids that if they want something to give it some time and if they still want it to go for it.  I did not follow that advice. 

I wanted to be blonde again.. Not whole head bleach blonde, just  like I said earlier, a little brightening.  So I’m pulling my hair through a cap… Every other hole should be good…. Well, that doesn’t really look like enough and if I’m doing this I might as well do it. Okay I will pull through every hole, but just little pieces . Hmmm… Maybe just a bit more… Every time I do this I always wish I had a bit more on top… So just a bit more . I look at it once it is all pulled through and think “holy balls that is a LOT of hair” okay, take the cap off and start over. Every…other…hole….

Til once again,  the top, I feel, needs just a bit more.  K, that’s good hurry up and put the color on before you change your mind.

I put the color on and its taking FOREVER… once again knowing better I am completely over this process and just rinse it. Close enough. (Almost regretting telling you I had a license to do this…..)

Well, you guessed it! Waaayyyyyy too much! Way! Ugh! Like that’s not bad enough but I have a dentist appt in the morning and live in the middle of absolutely no where which means there is not a CHANCE I’m fixing this tonight! Lovely

I go to my appt and end up having a lot more work done than I was counting on but that will NOT stop me from picking up some more color to tame this blonde down. 

Got home, downed some hydocodone and lights out. For tonight my hair will have to stay ugly.

Im gonna end this one with another lesson… Never, ever,ever try to do a corrective color on yourself when you are on hydrocodone. Just don’t. 



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