My very own bracket challenge

So every year I print off a bracket sheet and pick my teams for the NCAA championship games. Don’t let me fool you, I don’t know a thing about basketball or the teams!

This used to be something that my son Austin and I did every year. He would go on and on, telling me why this team was better than that, why this player was better than the other, how each one of the teams did throughout the year, and what was going to make them win.

Well this year, I’m on my own and didn’t have anybody to cheat off of. So I did what I do best, I just picked the teams because I like their name.

I don’t recommend doing that, because so far out of 17, I only have five correct. I was even going to go so far as to think I could sign up for Warren Buffett’s challenge where if you get a 100% correct bracket you win $1 billion.

Yeah, that ain’t happening. You know, I just thought, “Maybe, just maybe, I might have a shot at this! How hard can it be to have a perfect bracket?”

I just didn’t pick teams like Syracuse, because honestly, I just don’t like that word and how it sounds. I remember last year seeing Villanova making it through a lot of games so I kinda cheated there and picked them, plus it’s kind of a cool name. You can assume, that big names like Duke are going to go far, but not today. So that screwed up the rest of my bracket. But it’s okay I went through and changed it, even though I know you’re not supposed to do that, I make my own rules.

I chose Gonzaga to win the entire thing. Not because of their skills, because I think that name is really awesome! GONZAGA, like they’re gonna take the whoooooole gonzaga!

That’s my story… We’ll see how it plays out!.



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