Raising daughters


I find myself constantly thinking about my kids. I think about how fortunate I’ve been to be able to spend as much time with them as I did. And now in a completely different season of all of our lives I find it totally enjoyable.

When my husband and I were first married, his dad used to call him every single night after supper. I never could figure out why they needed to talk to each other every night, when they worked together all day. Now it completely makes sense! I can’t go a day without talking to my daughter. (I really can’t go a day without talking to my son either, but he’s a guy and he doesn’t put as much importance on that as I do)  now I think it is HER husband that comes home every day and says “WHYYYY do you have to talk to your mom every.single.day…?”

I think back to a time in my life when I decided to try to work outside of the home. I decided to take a part-time job, because the “world” got to me. The “world” told me I needed more, therefore I better get a job so I could have more “stuff”. This job involved me having to go to Madison for training for 5 days, which meant that my husband now was in charge of doing my daughters hair while I was gone. I was a cosmetologist by trade, so that was always my job. I would call to check in and see how things were going, and one day my daughter filled me in on how her dad was doing with her hair. “MOM! you need to come home NOW! Dad used the vacuum cleaner on my hair to make a ponytail, and I had to have Kelsey fix it on the bus!” Really, only a dad would come up with something like that! He needs to stick to fixing things, and we will stick to what we do best…. Being girly….fixing our hair, polishing our nails…


It’s been such a wild ride raising this girl! Strong-willed is an understatement! However, it is that strong will that made her the amazing woman she is today . We did our best to raise her with the knowledge that she deserves nothing but the very best… Her dad told her every day that she was a princess… And we told her never settle for anything less! When she would be having a bad day it didn’t take long for her dad to realize all he needed to do was bring her home some flowers and a container of Betty Crocker cream cheese frosting. That was something special between them, and it really set the stage for any man that would come into her life. Every girl wants to feel like she’s special, and although no man can ever take her dads place, we were absolutely certain that the man we had been praying for would come and sweep her off her feet.

You know, you can beat yourself up all day long thinking that you have really messed up, could have done better…. And it wasn’t until very recently, that I realized it’s time to give ourselves a pat on the back… When we thought we were screwing up so bad, we realized we raised one amazing daughter! She has even taught me a few things along the way.


I think she has gotten that man that totally fits the bill above…^… And I trust that we raised our son just as well, and the woman we’ve been praying for to come into his life, will reap the same benefits! Life is good! Celebrate your kids today! Life’s short…make every day count!



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