“Name” dreams…

My nights….my sub-conscience….my dreams…. I have been having some really interesting dreams where I am actually getting people’s NAMES….people I don’t know. Premonition type dreams. At first I thought, “Well…maybe these people don’t even exist…maybe it’s just a strange name that I just dreamt about.” But no, it’s real people.

The first one was about a girl, whose name will not be shared due to privacy reasons. I had a dream that my son called me and said that he wanted me to know that I might be hearing something soon and he wanted me to hear it from him first. He said that this girl, let’s call her “Sally” ( just so I don’t have to keep referring to her as “this girl”) anyway, he said Sally  called the cops and is saying that it was rape. I said “What? Sally who?” “Sally Smith”.  He continued to say he just wanted me to know that it was definitely NOT rape , that she was NOT raped.

I did not get the feeling at all, that my son had anything to do with this… But he was just telling me about this girl that called the cops. At this point, I wasn’t sure if maybe he was at a party or something or saw something happen to her, maybe something by a boy that was there, I’m not sure. I think he was calling to let me know because he was going to be called in as a witness or something. Regardless, that was pretty much the dream. Just a fragment. Weird.

So I call my son in the morning and ask him if he knows anyone named “Sally Smith” . He says “yeah, why” Oh mylanta!!!!!! So I tell him about the dream. He kind of laughed because he knows I have off the wall dreams. He said “Mom, I wouldn’t touch that girl with a 10 foot pole!” I didn’t think it had anything to do with him….just maybe a warning…Apparently this girl is a friend of his ex-girlfriend. I still don’t know what the meaning of the dream was. I basically told my son to stay away from her…don’t go to any parties where she might be….

Why would I get that name? A REAL person….who goes to a high school in that area…..and someone my son knows of….and then how do you call someone and say “hey…I had a dream about you getting raped….so just be careful…k?” Seriously…..


This next one is really short… Not much meaning, but yet still another name dream. I call my girlfriend and tell her I had a dream about a mutual friend of ours…her boyfriend. I’ve never met her boyfriend or heard his name but I had a dream about his name. So I told her the name…and that was his name… Weird. Significance? Who knows.


This last one is kinda….I don’t know….some may say creepy, but was very real….

I used to work with a girl at a salon and a few years passed and she got out of the hair business and started working at a Kwik Trip where my daughter worked. Well I had a dream one night that she was pregnant. However when the baby was born there was something wrong with her eyes.  I wake up and call my daughter and ask if this girl was pregnant. She said no. Okay… Just a dream….

About two hours later my daughter calls me and tells me that this girl just brought in an ultrasound picture…that she is pregnant…..ohhhkayyyyy….now what? How do you say “oh yeah, by the way I KNEW you were pregnant….I had a dream about it…oh and also…there’s gonna be something wrong with its eyes.”

I decide to just let things be, and try to forget about it. It was probably nothing.

Lots of months pass and I notice on Facebook that she has had the baby, a baby girl, and she is now about two months old. My dream pops back into my head. I have to message her and touch base, see how everything’s going. So I message her, just small talk….saw you had the baby, how are things going, yada yada yada…..

She replies that things are going pretty well, her boy is adjusting well to the new baby but they have been so busy doing so much doctoring because the baby has something wrong with her eyes and they just can’t put a finger in what’s wrong with her.

HO-LEE BALLS!  Well now I HAVE to say something….but how?  So I just tell her my dream. She immediately says she wants me to meet with her and see the baby and pray for the baby. As  things would work out this was all happening on a Monday the night we met at a friends house for bible study. I told her to bring the baby to the house that night and we would pray for the baby.

She said the baby wouldn’t focus…you know how when they hear your voice they follow it…when you hold a finger in front of them and move it back and forth they follow it. She wasn’t doing that. She wasn’t focusing, and she said her eyes had kind of a foggy glossed over appearance like there was a film on them or something. They weren’t bright.

She got to the house and I picked that baby up. I said her name and that baby looked right at me….with the most crystal clear, bright eyes I’ve seen. Her mom just stared at me and told me she has NEVER done that. I took my finger and trailed it in front if her going back and forth, and she followed it.  Amazed!

She had a dr appt that following week at a specialist. She said she was just going to take her in to make sure everything was ok. She got there and they couldn’t figure out why she was even there because there was nothing wrong with her eyes. Completely focused…no foggy film…..absolutely amazed!

Why I have been given these dreams I don’t know. This is just a drop in the bucket. I have many, many premonition type dreams. Some are really cool, some are really scary, some are real eye openers.

A lady once told me that dreams are Gods way of speaking to me because when I’m sleeping is the only time I quiet myself enough to listen to Him….so she told me to pay attention…because dreams you remember have significance. So I write down my dreams now and I look back over them now and again to see what’s happened or what’s been significant. Usually spot on. Something usually makes sense.

I will say though, that some nights I’m just like ” don’t let me sleep tonight because I can’t take one more dream….” It can get exhausting.  But then I think that my dreams are part of a greater plan. Not everything has to make sense in my dreams, but the parts that do make me responsible to try to do something about them. So that’s what I do… I sleep, I dream, I try to save the world! Haha



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