“I need longer teeth” dream…(?!?)

Can you say I’ve been thinking WAAAAYYY too much about my stinkin teeth lately? This will be short and sweet…. My seemingly 20 second dream-

My dentist called me to tell me something came up and they needed to make my teeth longer… (?ok?) He said I had to go to Belgium to have this procedure done…I got there and the dentist told me my estimate was $70 billion dollars… To make my teeth longer…

I cried… Asked him if he had a payment plan… He said “No, but I pity you so I will do it for $7000.”

funny thing- my “Belgian” dentist looked exactly like Mohamed Habib(Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star-Yolanda Fosters ex husband ) Bahaha! No wonder he gave me a deal … He’s a GAJILLIONAIRE!

Honestly, just starting this new teeth journey is gonna kill me….10 days ago I had work done on two lower teeth and I am SOOOO sick of pudding, yogurt and soup that I could puke! I just want a Tombstone Pepperoni pizza-but no, I can’t chew anything!  I mean it was a great way to lose 7 lbs in a hot second…. But honestly right now I’d rather be fat eating my delish pizza!

What on earth am I gonna do when I get all my uppers pulled? I’m such a big baby!

It’s a classic case of too much time on my hands and too much worry on the brain!  Can I fast forward a few years and just be done?

At any rate …Wisconsin is heading to the Final Four in NCAA!  👍Too bad I didn’t pick them on my bracket 👎



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