Paranormal vs. Godly intuition

I talked with a friend the other day about dreams, their meanings, my questions about what they mean, how we come to the conclusion of their meaning.  I struggle with some of the interpretations… I’m a Christian, I believe in God-not the paranormal, psychic stuff.  By no means do I think that some “man” can write up a bunch of dream meanings, throw them on the internet, and they are true….

That being said, yes… I do look at some of these sites, and try to make sense of it all. I believe God gives me dreams, and I believe I get them for a greater purpose. I believe they have significant meaning…however—there are times I wonder if  these sites and meanings are a distraction from God. Without giving the devil too much credit , because he doesn’t actually deserve ANY….he CAN hold some power in your life, if you LET him…I wonder if he is messing with me sometimes when I look up dream meanings and they actually make sense. Almost always if I check a meaning it correlates somehow with something going on in my life.

Example: just talking about these thoughts with my friend the other day….the same thoughts I just shared, like “Is it God, is it the devil….” Yada yada….I have a dream last night- I was riding bike down our road and a cat walked past me. I kind of hissed at it (which is weird)…that was that. On my way back home I looked down this side road and it was coming toward me again…this time it wasn’t a cat it was a cougar. (Me and my dreams of things changing into other things !?!?). So this cougar now hisses at me and follows me home trying to chomp at me the whole way there. I keep having to kind of push my bike at it to shoo it off. I finally make it up our half mile long driveway, cougar still trying to gnaw at me…and I can’t get into my house. Then I woke up….

ok…so….of course I take key things from my dream….cat and cougar. Look them up, what do they mean? To dream of a cat means many things, but a piece of what applies to me here may be….fear or frustration with things not going as planned…it also says fear in using “psychic” abilities (which I don’t believe in) or believing your intuition (which I DO believe I have). A cat clawing at you is telling you to trust your intuition…to see a cougar signifies power,  grace, raw emotion or danger.  Both things though, deal with intuition.

I just find it interesting that as I question the “paranormal” aspects of my dreaming, I have a dream that contains things that signify trusting my intuition….hmmmm?



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