Is winter everrrrr going to end?!?



Well, it’s April 4th & we are officially in our 7th, YES….7th month of having snow on the ground! Our first snowfall came on October 19 and today we woke up to a fresh 12 + inches and it’s still coming down!  Mark’s out cleaning up with the big skid steer and snowblower to try to stay ahead of it. Last big snow he spent about 32 hrs in that thing blowing snow.
See, up here…. We don’t just get an inch or so…. Our snow comes in double digits almost always! Sheesh! Now think of this…. 7 months of snow so far and last year we got a huge dump on May 5! So there is a great possibility that we will see 8 months of snow-which gives us 4 months to split up spring, summer, and fall.  Sheesh! I’m a warm weather girl….WHAT is wrong with this picture?  Appears to be a great day to snuggle in with a pot of coffee (or two).



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