Let me tell you ’bout my dust problem- Gagballz

Let me tell you a story. Today I went in to Walmart to buy a bag of coconut so that I could try this new recipe. A recipe for the yummola Girl Scout cookies- the Samoas. Oh my heavenly stars these things are amazeballs! So I go in for coconut and come out with a new Dyson vacuum cleaner and a new carpet cleaner also. Hmmmm

So I get home and HAVE to try the vacuum out. It’s one that can go from carpet to hard floor. So I try it on the hard floor in my back entry/laundry area. GROSS! So dirty. So I empty it and move to the next room. I do the small area of carpet in my little hallway. Half a container of gross dust and pet hair!!!!!?!

I go to our bedroom… Another half a container of lovely Rocky (our black lab) hair. It’s now beginning to be a game… Empty after each room just to see how totally disgusting the next room is.

Ok… Here goes… Gonna vacuum my mattress. OH MY FREAKING GOSH!!!!! I now want to burn my fricken mattress and never touch it again! I’ve heard stories about this crazy crap but really?!?!.!?!! All the other dust in my house was a greyish dust colored dust. THIS… Was a different color “dust”. Maybe, just maybe cause it’s not really DUST…. We’ve been sleeping In a pile of our own nAsty dead skin cells. Oh mylanta how absolutely disgusting!

It’s not a game anymore- I’m totally sick about how I thought my house was so clean… Yet seeing what came up realizing it was far from it! I JUST vacuumed on Monday… Like thoroughly vacuumed. Two days later it’s like I’m in a sesspool of dust!? Ugh let’s just says old vacuum really sucked! Or really DIDNT suck!

Shout out to Dyson however for making a kick-a** cleaner! Impressed!


(not that anyone TRULY cares about my dust issue I do have to follow this up with the fact that I’m not a pig… Kinda obsessively clean actually… That’s why it amazed me how dirty my house was😳… Anyhoo…)



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