What a beautiful life


I’m sitting here on my porch today having a fabulous cup of coffee, listening to the hustle and bustle of all that is going on around here. I hear a big front end loader moving piles of dirt, landscaping the hillside by the lake. I look out and see the sprinkler guys digging, twisting and turning on the sprinkler heads in the yard – a sure sign that we have finally….finally beat the snow for a few months!  I look out over the yard and driveway and see what most would consider a mess. From the picture above you can see that there is quite a bit of dirt… It doesn’t  look real pretty. But in a few short hours a new crew will come and start laying the new blacktop on the driveway. I see past the dirt… I look right past the piles and my eyes go right to the lake that is behind it all. I listen past the noisy machinery, my ears tune in to the birds chirping, the whippoorwill  singing. I am at complete peace today.


You see, you don’t know how long I have waited for a life like this. My husband and I have had our patience tested beyond what we thought we could handle. I’m so thankful he was as tuned in to God as he was, because there were many a day I just wanted to throw in the towel and run away from it all. Start over and take opportunities that came that now I know we’re not our destiny.  But he kept telling me, “Miss…. Something better is coming, I just know it”  It’s not a place, a lifestyle or a choice others may go for, but it sure fits us and for that I can’t be more thankful.



So it’s my wish for everyone out there today to just “tune-in”… Listen to that still small voice and follow it’s promptings.  Call a friend, visit a loved one, smile at a stranger, be patient while waiting, laugh… And laugh hard (it’s a great ab workout and it’s great for your heart)and most of all be thankful! I say it a lot but tomorrow is not guaranteed to us, so live today as if it were your last. Leave no words unsaid and realize every moment you are awake and alive is a moment to be cherished. Get out there and live…. And don’t waste one more day not pursuing your dream!



To thaw… Or unthaw… THAT is the question

Random “bug me” word of the day….

Do any of you “unthaw” things? Because if you do, you’re doing it wrong! Haha

To “thaw” something out means that you “UNfreeze” it… Correct? So if you “unthaw” it, technically you are NOT (un) “unfreezing” it…. Therefore leaving it fully froZen….

Drives me crazy when people say unthaw…my apologies to any of you who do but I guarantee that every time you say it now, in the back of your mind will be little ole me buzzing about it!

That’s all. Random peeve… 


My Freedom Honor Flight 2014 trip with my favorite little Grandma

This past weekend I had the honor and privilege to go with my grandparents to La Crosse Wisconsin and be a part of sending off my grandpa on an airplane to go visit the Washington Monuments. He was invited to take part in the Freedom Honor Flight that takes veterans from all over the United States on a one-day trip to Washington and back. It was quite the ordeal!  What an amazing thing to see so many veterans in one place being honored.

Our trip there was rather interesting. I need to give you a little background on my grandma. She is 88 years old and a complete Spitfire! Sharp as a tack, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I swear she has a memory that is better than mine.  She reminds me of Betty White all the way! This is the grandma that once called me up out of the blue one day just to ask me if I ever say the F word. I said “Grandma, I HATE that word!” She said ” Yeah, me too…but every once in a while I say it…you know sometimes I just get f****** pissed”   Bahahaha Let’s just say, I almost peed my pants! This is how she is-ALL…..THE….TIME…. So funny!  To fill you in on her a bit, she is a breast cancer survivor and wears a wig….she has diabetes and lost one leg below the knee so she wears a prostheses….she takes many, many pills for far too many things for me to list… She has macular degeneration so it is difficult for her to see…however, she can spot a penny on the ground from a mile away?! Go figure!  She is stubborn, strong willed, & full of pride! Has a great sense of humor & is the life of any party. She claims that she raised me, Haha because my mom and I lived with her through the beginning years of my life. She gave me my first spanking for not coming out of the kiddie pool, thus making her walk in with her clothes and shoes on to get me. We have a bond like no other, and when she’s gone it is absolutely going to kill me….

We left Menomonie at 5:00 PM. This was supposed to be a two hour trip. We didn’t get to our hotel until 9:30 PM. Traffic was horrible, road construction, and we stopped to eat. Traffic was so slow, that for miles we went about 15 miles an hour.  Let me tell you, some pretty interesting conversations happen when you go that slow. Conversations about “John, look at that license plate in front of us….look how small it is…how come it’s so small? Look at it, what’s wrong with it?”  The plate had some decorative frame around it, making the plate appear smaller. Grandpa answered “Helen, it’s the SAME size as any other plate!” 

Then there’s the radio….oh my that radio! Lord forbid that radio moves off of the station they love. See, they have a van with more bells and whistles than they know what to do with. They have the touchscreen panel. Bad idea for shaky fingers. So of course a button gets pushed and it changes the radio station. Then Grandma asks what highway we are on. Highway 94 Helen…. Oh I thought we were on 53…. No Helen 94…oh. Traffic being so slow we got a few miles down the road and she asks…. What highway are we on now? Highway 94 Helen… Oh, not 53? No Helen 94 same as we were a mile ago… Then she giggles and grins… haha

We stopped to eat at a place called Mo’s diner. First there was no fish fry, and it is Friday and they love a good fish fry on a Friday night. But didn’t want to drive anywhere else to find one. So we ordered Peggy Sue melts… (Which is really just a patty melt), however the onions were raw, not fried so therefore grandma decided that’s why it was called a Peggy Sue and not just a patty melt…and of course grandpa commented on the fact that his burger was definitely NOT 1/3 pound like advertised! Haha

We finally made it to the hotel and unloaded and in bed by 11:00 pm and had to be up at 3:45 am to have breakfast and get on the shuttle to go to the airport.  What a short night!


Here we are having breakfast at the hotel.  We had waffles, eggs, cereal, toast, yogurt, juice & coffee. Then at 6:00 am we went to the hangar where they had juice, coffee & rolls. My grandpa then got breakfast on the airplane, a box lunch at the monument, and supper on the airplane ride home. 

We get to the hangar and get him all checked in. They have a security gate that my grandpa has to go through. My grandma was holding his cane that had a tag on it to get on the plane, while he pushed her in her wheelchair. So I think they thought that my grandma was getting on the plane. I just kind of followed behind. Then at the security counter they said they needed to go through my purse if I was going past this point. I told them I wasn’t going on the plane but they told me they needed to look anyway. So I opened my purse &  he kind of took a peek in there, then said  “Do you have anything in here, I just have to look.” I pulled out a bottle of peach tea, and he just kind of held my purse open…didn’t empty it or anything. Well, darn good thing he didn’t. When we got back to the hotel later I couldn’t figure out why my purse was so heavy. So I emptied it out on the bed. I about crapped my pants! My son had wanted his haircut before we left so I had my big leather case with about six pairs of scissors in there. Not only that, but I failed to remember that my husband gave me a knife… Yes a KNIFE to keep in my purse in case I ever needed it…. Like I ever carry a knife in my purse, seriously! My grandma said to me, ” Oh my gosh Missy, what would have happened if you went to jail?” I quickly told her, that she would have been right alongside me. Funny part of the story is, my girlfriend told me before we left that if I was going to be with my ” fun” grandma, not to call her for bail money!!!

Anyway, after we snuck through security, we found ourselves sitting pretty much all alone, front and center watching all the veterans board the plane. Once they were all on the plane it was pretty quiet around us. I looked back and saw hundreds of people behind us that were all roped in. They had a red roped off area for the people that weren’t flying. Turns out I guess we weren’t supposed to be in the area that we were. So I looked back and saw all the people and then I ask my grandma if she thought she was the queen of England or something… Sitting up there like we were important. Check out her face on this picture below! It says it all!


We spent the rest of the day shopping, eating out and talking. We had some great, meaningful conversations! We went for Chinese food because grandpa hates it so when her and I get together we always go for Chinese.


Her fortune: Love conquers all!

At 9 pm we went back to the hangar to welcome them back. As we sat there, we spoke with people who had been on this flight in years prior. I guess when they get to Washington, they are saluted by water.  The man said they have two fire hydrants one on each side and when the plane lands they shoot waterjets over the airplane.  Would have been neat to see. Also I guess they have a police escort all day so they don’t have to stop at stop lights, and get the royal treatment. Apparently people are lined up for miles along the street welcoming them.  They had the high school band there playing patriotic music. They had cake, coffee, and drinks for us while we waited. There’s just something about hearing the song God Bless The USA-Proud To Be An American while you are surrounded by all the loved ones of people that are on a plane coming home from visiting the monuments. It was really an indescribable feeling. The cheers when that plane landed and they all got off and hugged their loved ones!!! Whew! Emotional… Made me wonder what it must have been like back in the day when they were coming home from war…. Wow!


The insight I took from this trip was: man, do I have respect and appreciation for how my grandpa is able to take care of my grandma!  The  fact that he even has the strength to do what he does every day is amazing. The conversations that my grandma and I had I will cherish. The time that I had to spend with her is something I will never forget. As much as I joke about all of the funny things that my grandma does, I wouldn’t change a thing about her.  Sometimes when we lose people, we get over it pretty quickly. But my grandma, when she goes I’m not sure I can say that will be the case. So for now, I will take each and every chance I get to spend with her. Not to take any meaning away from the whole point of this weekend-to honor the veterans- but for me this weekend had a different purpose, a chance to connect more with my grandma…and realization of just how blessed I am.



OK! Maybe caffeine DOES affect me

Ok… Maybe caffeine DOES affect me…

Today was Mothers Day. Wait, I guess it’s not “today” anymore…it’s now 3:47 a.m. as I begin to write this. So I guess Mothers Day was yesterday. Ok, YESTERDAY was Mothers Day. We got home from a fabulous dinner with my daughter and her hubby, our son was sick so he stayed home and his girlfriend took care of him.

So apparently caffeine affects me a bit more than I thought. Today we were at the gas station filling up and I notice this new Mountain Dew- Baja Blast. The color of it got me! It was this transparent sort of tealish blue color. The flavor—tropical lime. Ohhhhkaay I’m in. Why is this a big deal? Well, June 6 of this year marks ONE YEAR of NO Mountain Dew for me. I say this as though I had a serious addiction or something . (Possible “slight” addiction I would say) Actually, the last one I had came after a dentist told me I was a poster child for “Mountain dew teeth”. By the way— I had horrible teeth before I knew what Mountain Dew was! (Different story…)

On our way home instead of the normal ice cream stop , I opt in for a hot cup of coffee. We got home about 10:00 pm. Bad idea. I decide 10:00 pm is a great time to get stuff done. So I start bleaching my teeth… I’m trying this new product on my lower teeth from my dentist. I have to find the shade I like so when I pull my uppers and get my implants we know what shade to do. So while that’s sitting on my teeth I decide 11:00 pm is a perfectly good time to plant my garden seeds in the little Jiffy seed pod deals I got. Sure , why not? So I planted all my garden seeds.

Then I remember … Oh yeah, I have that survey I have to fill it online from our health insurance company. Go online they say…fill out a survey and we will give you $50 they say. Ok! Done! 50 bucks is 50 bucks!

Missy… You have GOT to go to bed! Naw… Not tired … Go take a bath-relax-get sleepy! It’s about midnight… I take a bath… Start reading blogs…. In my bathtub. Before you know it, the water is cold. I now am freezing and have to run fresh hot water to warm up. Hey, I was reading some hilarious blogs! I couldn’t stop!

By this time it’s now about 3 :47 a.m. (Yes i laid in the bathtub for almost 4 hours-a shriveled mess) So I go to bed . I lay and look at my ceiling and start thinking ” Hmmm, I might as well write a post.” So I am laying in my bed…right now with my screen brightness on my phone turned so low I can hardly see it. But don’t wanna wake the hubby! Every time he rolls over toward me I immediately turn my phone upside down and pretend like sleeping. He’d think I’m nuts writing a post in bed at aLmost 4a.m. The simpler solution would obviously be to GET OUT OF BED and do it somewhere else, but at this point my bed is feeling sooooo good.

It is now 8:04 a.m. NO, it did not take me 4 hours to write this post. I now realize that I fell asleep writing it and just woke up. Sheesh. I’m going to make coffee. I hope it has the same effect it did on me last night, cause I have a feeling my butts gonna be draggin and it’s gonna be a loooong day.


My little slice of heaven


Just wanted to share with you all the view from my front porch. The ice is finally off our lake now and man is it gorgeous! Oh how I have missed this view! It’s beautiful in the winter also but 8 months of it is too much!  So glad to see that beautiful teal colored lake again! Yes this is what I get to wake up to each day! I still pinch myself and wonder if it’s real.

I sit and hear the humming of Mark running the yard vac cleaning up debris from this winter, one of the boys running the gator back and forth emptying the sticks and things that broke off the trees this winter, the other one with a back pack blower on blowing pine needles and dirt off the yard.  It’s music to my ears! It means it won’t be long til I’m sitting on that Bad Boy lawn mower listening to my music and getting in my groove. Mowing lawn is my time… My time to think, to pray, to just relax.  I can hardly wait!

Happy Sunday to you all!



Trees, sticks & dirty boys



Hello spring! Well , I guess you can say that is what we are getting ready for. Even though there is still snow on the ground and part of our lake is still frozen. May marks month number 8 for us with snow on the ground. Sheesh! Redic!

What  you see in the picture above is boxes… Boxes of trees… 117 boxes to be exact… Each box contains 600 trees. Let me save you the math… That is 70,700 trees! Normally about 4000 go in each year. THANKFULLY… This year the job was hired out! phew!!?!? This year I got to drive around in a truck with a trailer collecting empty tree boxes. THAT …is my kinda tree planting! Just not a fan! The crew of 12 hammered those trees out in about 8 hours! Well more power to them! Knock yourselves out!

So today we have Marks cousin and one of his friends here to help with yard work. Today wasn’t a very fun day for them…it consisted of walking beside a trailer(pulled by me…😉) and throwing sticks and branches in. This is no small job! We live on 900 acres and have 27 miles of trails. Today we only got the outside perimeter of about 300 acres done. Marks cousin mentioned (under his breath) “I think I picked up 15,000 sticks today…” I was thinking AT LEAST that many! Rocky our dog was in absolute heaven! He was so excited to finally be out of the house and running alongside Mark all day!

The boys came in for supper tired… Hungry …and DIRTY! They showered and when I went into the bathroom I think I had half the woods on my floor and in the tub! But very thankful for them! Once again I dodged the bullet… And got to drive the truck!

I realized today the importance (to me) in making sure they had good food to eat and fresh banana cream pie cheesecake when they got in. MY job is in the home…(oh and the gravy jobs behind the wheel)… Ree Drummond has nothing on me😜! I am my own pioneer woman. I also completely enjoyed having two teenage boys at my table, listening to the way they talked, the things that interested them, the way it is nowadays for teens! WowZa I am so glad to have gotten through those years! It’s a hard, rough world out there!

What I realized though is, MAN… Was I tired after doing NOTHING all day! So I’m laying in my bathtub… (My CLEAN bathtub… Because I have a disgusting quirk about my rear end NOT touching where someone’s gross, nasty feet were)Writing my post… And enjoying the peaceful, tranquil moment right now where it’s JUST ME…

Tomorrow it will begin again… But I have to add this…. This life we live, I would not trade-the alternative would suck…we live a blessed life and I couldn’t be more thankful!