Trees, sticks & dirty boys



Hello spring! Well , I guess you can say that is what we are getting ready for. Even though there is still snow on the ground and part of our lake is still frozen. May marks month number 8 for us with snow on the ground. Sheesh! Redic!

What  you see in the picture above is boxes… Boxes of trees… 117 boxes to be exact… Each box contains 600 trees. Let me save you the math… That is 70,700 trees! Normally about 4000 go in each year. THANKFULLY… This year the job was hired out! phew!!?!? This year I got to drive around in a truck with a trailer collecting empty tree boxes. THAT …is my kinda tree planting! Just not a fan! The crew of 12 hammered those trees out in about 8 hours! Well more power to them! Knock yourselves out!

So today we have Marks cousin and one of his friends here to help with yard work. Today wasn’t a very fun day for them…it consisted of walking beside a trailer(pulled by me…😉) and throwing sticks and branches in. This is no small job! We live on 900 acres and have 27 miles of trails. Today we only got the outside perimeter of about 300 acres done. Marks cousin mentioned (under his breath) “I think I picked up 15,000 sticks today…” I was thinking AT LEAST that many! Rocky our dog was in absolute heaven! He was so excited to finally be out of the house and running alongside Mark all day!

The boys came in for supper tired… Hungry …and DIRTY! They showered and when I went into the bathroom I think I had half the woods on my floor and in the tub! But very thankful for them! Once again I dodged the bullet… And got to drive the truck!

I realized today the importance (to me) in making sure they had good food to eat and fresh banana cream pie cheesecake when they got in. MY job is in the home…(oh and the gravy jobs behind the wheel)… Ree Drummond has nothing on me😜! I am my own pioneer woman. I also completely enjoyed having two teenage boys at my table, listening to the way they talked, the things that interested them, the way it is nowadays for teens! WowZa I am so glad to have gotten through those years! It’s a hard, rough world out there!

What I realized though is, MAN… Was I tired after doing NOTHING all day! So I’m laying in my bathtub… (My CLEAN bathtub… Because I have a disgusting quirk about my rear end NOT touching where someone’s gross, nasty feet were)Writing my post… And enjoying the peaceful, tranquil moment right now where it’s JUST ME…

Tomorrow it will begin again… But I have to add this…. This life we live, I would not trade-the alternative would suck…we live a blessed life and I couldn’t be more thankful!



2 thoughts on “Trees, sticks & dirty boys

  1. Eight months of snow on the ground… that’s a long time 🙂 I admire you for being so positive about it. Your life sounds pretty awesome. Do you get lonely? How far do you have to travel to see people?

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    1. I feel like we live in Canada… Haha I miss my kids terribly..all the time… I’m one of those moms who always said I would love for my kids… Their spouses and my grandkids to live with me forever…I know that is not realistic!😉 fortunately we only live an hour away from my kids…far enough to give them space… Close enough to be there in a snap if we need to! The nearest “town” is about 20 miles away. This would be one of those towns where you pay $4 for a can of soup! Haha! So I shop when we visit the kids in Rice Lake Wi or make the trek further north to Duluth, MN


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