My little slice of heaven


Just wanted to share with you all the view from my front porch. The ice is finally off our lake now and man is it gorgeous! Oh how I have missed this view! It’s beautiful in the winter also but 8 months of it is too much!  So glad to see that beautiful teal colored lake again! Yes this is what I get to wake up to each day! I still pinch myself and wonder if it’s real.

I sit and hear the humming of Mark running the yard vac cleaning up debris from this winter, one of the boys running the gator back and forth emptying the sticks and things that broke off the trees this winter, the other one with a back pack blower on blowing pine needles and dirt off the yard.  It’s music to my ears! It means it won’t be long til I’m sitting on that Bad Boy lawn mower listening to my music and getting in my groove. Mowing lawn is my time… My time to think, to pray, to just relax.  I can hardly wait!

Happy Sunday to you all!




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