OK! Maybe caffeine DOES affect me

Ok… Maybe caffeine DOES affect me…

Today was Mothers Day. Wait, I guess it’s not “today” anymore…it’s now 3:47 a.m. as I begin to write this. So I guess Mothers Day was yesterday. Ok, YESTERDAY was Mothers Day. We got home from a fabulous dinner with my daughter and her hubby, our son was sick so he stayed home and his girlfriend took care of him.

So apparently caffeine affects me a bit more than I thought. Today we were at the gas station filling up and I notice this new Mountain Dew- Baja Blast. The color of it got me! It was this transparent sort of tealish blue color. The flavor—tropical lime. Ohhhhkaay I’m in. Why is this a big deal? Well, June 6 of this year marks ONE YEAR of NO Mountain Dew for me. I say this as though I had a serious addiction or something . (Possible “slight” addiction I would say) Actually, the last one I had came after a dentist told me I was a poster child for “Mountain dew teeth”. By the way— I had horrible teeth before I knew what Mountain Dew was! (Different story…)

On our way home instead of the normal ice cream stop , I opt in for a hot cup of coffee. We got home about 10:00 pm. Bad idea. I decide 10:00 pm is a great time to get stuff done. So I start bleaching my teeth… I’m trying this new product on my lower teeth from my dentist. I have to find the shade I like so when I pull my uppers and get my implants we know what shade to do. So while that’s sitting on my teeth I decide 11:00 pm is a perfectly good time to plant my garden seeds in the little Jiffy seed pod deals I got. Sure , why not? So I planted all my garden seeds.

Then I remember … Oh yeah, I have that survey I have to fill it online from our health insurance company. Go online they say…fill out a survey and we will give you $50 they say. Ok! Done! 50 bucks is 50 bucks!

Missy… You have GOT to go to bed! Naw… Not tired … Go take a bath-relax-get sleepy! It’s about midnight… I take a bath… Start reading blogs…. In my bathtub. Before you know it, the water is cold. I now am freezing and have to run fresh hot water to warm up. Hey, I was reading some hilarious blogs! I couldn’t stop!

By this time it’s now about 3 :47 a.m. (Yes i laid in the bathtub for almost 4 hours-a shriveled mess) So I go to bed . I lay and look at my ceiling and start thinking ” Hmmm, I might as well write a post.” So I am laying in my bed…right now with my screen brightness on my phone turned so low I can hardly see it. But don’t wanna wake the hubby! Every time he rolls over toward me I immediately turn my phone upside down and pretend like sleeping. He’d think I’m nuts writing a post in bed at aLmost 4a.m. The simpler solution would obviously be to GET OUT OF BED and do it somewhere else, but at this point my bed is feeling sooooo good.

It is now 8:04 a.m. NO, it did not take me 4 hours to write this post. I now realize that I fell asleep writing it and just woke up. Sheesh. I’m going to make coffee. I hope it has the same effect it did on me last night, cause I have a feeling my butts gonna be draggin and it’s gonna be a loooong day.



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