What a beautiful life


I’m sitting here on my porch today having a fabulous cup of coffee, listening to the hustle and bustle of all that is going on around here. I hear a big front end loader moving piles of dirt, landscaping the hillside by the lake. I look out and see the sprinkler guys digging, twisting and turning on the sprinkler heads in the yard – a sure sign that we have finally….finally beat the snow for a few months!  I look out over the yard and driveway and see what most would consider a mess. From the picture above you can see that there is quite a bit of dirt… It doesn’t  look real pretty. But in a few short hours a new crew will come and start laying the new blacktop on the driveway. I see past the dirt… I look right past the piles and my eyes go right to the lake that is behind it all. I listen past the noisy machinery, my ears tune in to the birds chirping, the whippoorwill  singing. I am at complete peace today.


You see, you don’t know how long I have waited for a life like this. My husband and I have had our patience tested beyond what we thought we could handle. I’m so thankful he was as tuned in to God as he was, because there were many a day I just wanted to throw in the towel and run away from it all. Start over and take opportunities that came that now I know we’re not our destiny.  But he kept telling me, “Miss…. Something better is coming, I just know it”  It’s not a place, a lifestyle or a choice others may go for, but it sure fits us and for that I can’t be more thankful.



So it’s my wish for everyone out there today to just “tune-in”… Listen to that still small voice and follow it’s promptings.  Call a friend, visit a loved one, smile at a stranger, be patient while waiting, laugh… And laugh hard (it’s a great ab workout and it’s great for your heart)and most of all be thankful! I say it a lot but tomorrow is not guaranteed to us, so live today as if it were your last. Leave no words unsaid and realize every moment you are awake and alive is a moment to be cherished. Get out there and live…. And don’t waste one more day not pursuing your dream!



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