He calls me Dixie Killer

Today my hubby changed my nickname from “Beautiful” to “Dixie Killer”. Dixie Chopper mowers that is.

I have a bad history of completely wrecking lawn mowers. But I thought that history was behind me when we moved here two years ago. Before here my record was 4 mowers in one summer. I know… I know… I’m not exactly sure how it happened-something to do with oil…(or lack of….) and clanking, rattling engines… Yada Yada…

Well I took pride in the fact that we have REALLLLLY nice mowers here and for one whole season last year I did not do ONE thing to any of them!!! Then came this year. Last week I was mowing with one of the big 72″ Bad Boy diesel mowers- it’s huge and amazing! The Cadillac of lawnmowers. Welllllll….. Apparently one of the wheels came loose and I failed to recognize that…. So I not only ruined the rim… And tire… But also somehow managed to wreck the brakes???!? And a few other things. I actually stopped listening to the parts list after the first few. Ok… So parts are ordered- it’s all good!

Well… Today my hubby decided to put me on the Dixie Chopper mower. Such a kind and thoughtful hubby: he put TWO of them on a trailer and brought them over to where I was mowing. His words to me before leaving “I brought you two, so when you wreck one you can just hop on the other one” REALLY!?!

Ok… So I wrecked one… I actually wrecked two…. And sadly, I wrecked two more than once. The bad part is every time something happened I had to text my hubby to come fix it. He was on the piece of property our house is on, I was the other piece.

First time a belt came off and I actually fixed that myself. I brag… But it really was not a hard thing to do. Sounds good though … Right? *I* fixed the belt! Next thing wAs hitting a stump… I got hung up on that thing and thought there’s no way I’m calling Mark for this. I can FOR SURE get myself off this stump. I did! I also managed to pull that stump out of the ground… With about three feet of root attached to it. *I* did him a favor!

I can say at this point that I am soooo happy that all I have done to these mowers I’ve been able to fix myself! Almost done with the first big chunk I am pretty happy that those two little snafu’s are all that I had to deal with.

Onto the next chunk. This is where the fun begins. Without going into all the details… I managed to hit a stump, get completely stuck, throw three sets of belts, break the deck on one, blow a complete HOLE through the deck on the other, get two (separate) hunks of wood (or something) stuck between the blade and deck therefore making it impossible for the blades to rotate, lose some part that holds the deck on right making me about 1/2 inch away from doing a backflip-lovely…. The last few things that went wrong I’m not exactly sure what happened, but neither one of the blades would spin and they smelled like burnt rubber. Every time Mark came back to fix one I would already be on the other one seeing what damage I could do to that one. He’d fix it. When the one I was on broke again I’d swap…. all— day—long—. When both were broke down I would snapchat my kids while I waited for him to get back to fix them. My son just shook his head and wondered why he still let’s me mow lawn. Haha

Until today I thought those Dixie Chopper mowers were pretty indestructible …. I proved that theory wrong. So now until Mark finds time to fix the mowers I’m grounded…. I think he’s happy I have a dentist appointment tomorrow so I can’t wreck anything. Tomorrow a semi load of sod comes. He told me he doesn’t think I will be able to help…. Because I’m a whuss…. Honestly never been happier to be a whuss…. My routine has been thrown off due to severe lack of help around here. I told him when he puts work gloves on me and takes away my oven mitts that his belly is gonna notice! Maybe tomorrow I can actually get back to MY routine…. Which consists of coffee… And watching HIM work!



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