So relaxed you’d think it was Sunday!

Man have I missed the time just getting to sit and write… Drink coffee… Relax….

It has been one crazy ride around here the past few months getting the property ready for reunions, yard work, landscaping. But I sit here tonight in a lawn chair by the grill, our black lab Rocky laying on the new blacktop, watching Mark shoot his bow, smelling the teriyaki pork chops cooking, with my newfound favorite drink in hand. Kinky cocktail. Refreshing! I look out and see the fruits of our labor and it is reminding me how it was all worth it. It’s simply gorgeous.

It’s funny how you find it hard to just relax after going-going-going- but it sure feels nice. I hear kids down splashing in the lake, a few on the tennis court and it’s just a reminder of what a perfect season of our lives we are in right now and how blessed we are to have to opportunity to live in such a beautiful place!

I realized this morning that I have not actually went grocery shopping since the end of May. Other than running down the road to get odds and ends anyway. So today I ventured to Superior. It was nice to have no agenda. To be able to take my time and do what I wanted. Of course it was crazy busy because everyone is getting ready for the 4th of July.

I’m excited because Austin and Allysha are coming up tomorrow and then Saturday night Sam and Jordon and my niece and nephew Tristin and Destiny are coming. Fireworks are Saturday night up where we live. They are the best fireworks you will see hands down. I think the population of the town is less than 300 but thousands of people will gather to watch the fireworks display.

I hope you all get to spend time with family and friends and celebrate freedom this 4th of July. Be safe and enjoy each moment!



2 thoughts on “So relaxed you’d think it was Sunday!

  1. You make me want to live where you live 🙂 Sounds heavenly. Hope you have a great time celebrating the holiday weekend with your family.


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