I’m a stay at home wife-shame on me or shame on you?

Interesting topic- More and more it's brought to my attention that it's hard enough for society to completely accept stay at home moms, but when it comes to stay at home wives?!?! I am a stay at home wife. I LOVE being a stay at home wife! I love that my husband loves for me [...]

Striving for perfection

Such an interesting world we live in. When did it become acceptable to always be wanting more... Better... Never be satisfied? I guess that is the true definition of "living in the world." This is the ONE place I don't wanna LIVE , But truly DO want to just EXIST-the world. My entire thought process [...]

Perfect Sunday

Today was perfect! Didn't get out of my pjs til 2:30 pm... And only then did I change to run down the driveway to do a quick task and get back home...back into my pjs....and relax. Spent the day just hanging out with our son and his girlfriend, watching them shoot bow....chit chat, small talk, [...]