Perfect Sunday

Today was perfect! Didn’t get out of my pjs til 2:30 pm… And only then did I change to run down the driveway to do a quick task and get back home…back into my pjs….and relax. Spent the day just hanging out with our son and his girlfriend, watching them shoot bow….chit chat, small talk, made chocolate chip cookies, and just relaxed.

When our son left to go home Mark decided he would pop into the bedroom and catch up on his 37 (count em!) 37 hunting videos he had dvr’d! I told him I would come & “watch” (💤💤💤💤) too. We all know hunting videos are just a recipe for a good nap!

Normally I hate naps-I mean I loooove to relax, but hate naps. Naps are just one way to bring out the cranky in me. If I nap it better be for the long haul til morning! But today I napped. Tomorrow I go in for dental surgery and I just really enjoyed having time to just lay around with my hubby. He’s been so busy lately and was nice we both had time at the same time!

Woke up with no plans- supper? What’s that? Chips and dip? Sure! Be a while before I can eat that again! Man am I gonna miss chips and dip! It’s my go-to comfort food! When Mark leaves town I LIVE on it! Breakfast lunch & dinner! Yes! But after tomorrow it will be pudding… Broth….yogurt… Mmmmmm…..👎

Hope you all got to enjoy a great Sunday also!



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