Striving for perfection

Such an interesting world we live in. When did it become acceptable to always be wanting more… Better… Never be satisfied? I guess that is the true definition of “living in the world.” This is the ONE place I don’t wanna LIVE , But truly DO want to just EXIST-the world.

My entire thought process over the last few years has changed from “I’m going to start living not just existing”. And honestly I have done just that! But there are certain things that pop up in this “world” we live in that allows us to creep back into that mindset, the one I’ve worked so hard to abandone.

Some of you know that I have recently undergone a lot of dental work. My whole life is changing right before my eyes and it’s all revolving around my teeth. I’ve jumped in and started the major parts of my dental plan, which involved this past week a lot of pain, a lot of recuperating, a lot of mind games, and to be fair a lot of happiness also, because I’m finally free of my horrible teeth that have given me so much grief my entire life.

I recently read a blog from a girl that said she now has beautiful teeth, a beautiful smile, a new outlook on life. She should be happy right? She is-BUT… Now that she has gotten a vision of perfection or near perfection in her smile she is noticing other things “wrong” with her. She’s noticing wrinkles, different skin, things that shouldn’t “go with” a perfect smile. I commented to her that she is truly a beautiful person- she really is! Not just the most natural beauty on the outside but her spirit is so sweet that it makes her even more beautiful. That was very easy for me to tell her. It’s truth! She’s gorgeous! And sweet! I can’t imagine noticing a wrinkle on her face if i had to look for one!

That being said- now that I’m going through the same process- I get her! My teeth have NEVER looked so good as they do now! Never! I actually took my first selfies this past week! There is a newfound confidence I have JUST in having nice teeth! And these are only Temporary! I can’t imagine what my final results will be! But with nice new teeth comes:
I need a new hairdo
I need to lose weight
My skin IS wrinkled
I look old
I’m frumpy
The list goes on and on and on! I’ve never accepted compliments well, and I have received more compliments this week than I have in a long time. It comes back to the pride issue. Low or high self esteem is still just a focus on “self”. It’s all pride!

My goal through this whole ordeal is that i do not lose myself- that I stay true to me at all costs, and get over myself a bit along the way. To take some of my own advice I so often dish out to others! Everyone is beautiful in their own way. There is only ONE deemed “perfect” … And He died for me, on a cross.



One thought on “Striving for perfection

  1. So true. And I think it’s because we really think that if we can only have that “one thing”, our life will be perfect. And then we get it, and the good feelings eventually fade and we’re back to feeling unsatisfied. It’s hard work to be content!


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