Sunday date day with our kiddos

Yesterday was one of THEE most perfect days we’ve had in a long, long, time!  We’ve been so busy and it was so nice to take a day and just enjoy our kids!

Thanks to our lovely daughter having the idea that her and her dad needed to go on a daddy/daughter date, I decided I would take the opportunity to take the rest of the kids on a date as well.

Sam and her dad went to Mandarin Chinese Cuisine for lunch🍲and stuffed their faces with their fave-egg fu yong, and also to the Dairy Queen🍦because no good date goes unfinished without ice cream somewhere. He brought her flowers 💐 because she loves flowers and also her favorite chocolate-Ferrero Rocher. They went bowling🎳 .Sam won one game and Mark won the other. Then she took  her dad car shopping.🚗Always nice to get dads advice when looking for a car.



I decided since they were going on a date that I would take the rest of the kids on a date. Let me preface this with the fact that boy dates are a bit  different than girl dates… Mind you -everyone is happy when you fill their bellies… But our date took a different course.

We went to Fazolis for lunch🍝, Panera bakery for cinnamon crunch bagels🍩 to take home and of course Cold Stone for ice cream🍧.  Everyone’s happy when you feed them!

We went to Eau Claire to the mall where Austin got a new gun for goose hunting🔫 Then to Gander Mountain, a quick stop at Walmart to get clay targets to shoot. (These were their man flowers😉) Jordon had wanted to find a new beanie hat but forgot to look. As luck would have it on a table as you leave the store they had paper fish hats!


At the end of the day we all met back together and they shot clay targets. I could not ask for a more fun day!  I am so blessed to have my family- my kids- they truly are my life and I am so thankful





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