Fall -my favorite season of all

Ahhh… The smell outside is absolutely amazing! It smells like fall. This is my favorite time of year. When life slows down around here and we can have more time for each other. This is the time of year when Mark and I take ranger rides through the nearly 30 miles of trails that are on the property. He has trail cameras out to keep watch over his deer, and we just simply love to ride around and make sure everything is ok on the property.

Yesterday when we were on the trail we could hear the crunching leaves and smell the amazing smell of nature at its finest. There is something about the smell of being in the woods. I am reminded of when our son Austin was a little boy and we’d go camping. He’d be the first one awake and always need to run over to Papa and Grandmas camper. Always because she had pancakes and bacon( his favorite) cooking. He would always wake up, stretch and say “I just love how it smells at the camper in the morning” It’s a hard smell to describe, but you know when you’ve smelled it because it’s forever ingrained in your memory. I, too am reminded of that smell now, years later as Mark and I ride through the woods. It’s heavenly!

It’s the time of year when I bring out all the homemade soup recipes. Last weekend it was Papa’s famous chili… This weekend was the family favorite Corn Chowder. Basically potato soup with bacon and corn. But everyone loves it.

There’s something about waking up on a crisp morning and having a steamy cup of coffee that makes it taste that much better. Soup and homemade bread always taste better on a cool crisp fall day. Snuggling up on our couch looking out across the lake at all the beautiful colors… The lake itself is almost teal in color and to look across and see the autumn blaze maples just lit up… The yellow leaves on the birch and aspens…. The colors are absolutely amazing! We truly live in paradise!

Take time and look around you and take in all that you see and really appreciate it… Take note of all those small things that we all take for granted.

Happy fall y’all!!!!



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