When life hands you lemons

When life hands you lemons, how do you deal with it? Do you worry, fret, get angry, get sad, cry, scream, holler, withdraw….or do you joyously accept whatever is dealt you, find the positive in it, smile, sing, laugh, live?

I must admit I’m more guilty of the first part of that rather than the last. But I’m getting better. Mostly because we have lived through some crazy things that I never thought we’d make it through….did you catch that? We LIVED…

I’m the master worrier. It’s so very easy for me to tell others not to worry but that is the first place I go when things go wrong. For some reason I think that if I worry hard enough that it will somehow change things. Then I’m reminded that I am a child of God- worry has NO place in my life!

Matthew 6:25 says …”who can add a single hour to your life by worrying? Do not worry about what you will eat or drink …” Do you suppose God is just up there shaking His head at us? Thinking ” what on earth are they worrying about? Don’t they know if they just have faith I will take care of their every need?”

Matthew 6:34 says …”do not be anxious for tomorrow, today has enough of its own trouble…” How many of us worry about tomorrow…we aren’t even guaranteed tomorrow so what good does it do to worry about it? Precisely why I’ve REALLY started to grasp the “make the most of each day” concept. It’s so important!

Matthew 11:28 says …”come to me all who are weary and I will give you rest…” Simply stated- relax in His presence.

Philippians 4: 6-7 says …” Don’t be anxious about anything but through prayer and petition make your requests known to God and the peace that He gives will guard your hearts and minds…” He just wants us to trust Him, trust the process, have faith.

There are so many more but you get the idea. The common denominator is faith…trust…. Peace. Not worry. My son tells me ALL THE TIME… Mom- don’t worry, it won’t do you any good anyway. So simple… Sometimes so hard.

I admit I worry most about my kids, their well being- when they have issues I wanna fix them. When they struggle I wanna take it away and make their life easier. What I forget though is that part of growing up and getting through life is learning. Learning on their own some things. We do our best to give advice and then it is up them what they choose to do with it. We can only tell them how we handled a similar situation or what we would do and then they must decide what is best for them. Sometimes they come up with the same idea we had only months later- thus being “their idea”. I’m okay with that. Whatever works. 😉

Funny thing is… Just when we think we haven’t done a thing right in our lives our kids grow up and tell us or others that they may change a thing here or there that we did but for the most part they had a great life. When we hear things like “if I can be half the Dad my Dad was I will be okay”… Or “if I could mix part of you Mom and part of Dad I would have almost the perfect parent” Those are the days that I feel silly for ever worrying about my kids and know beyond a shadow of a doubt we did the best we could and we did it right!

So this week as life dealt a few lemons… Whether us or my kids…I can sit back and say I know with every fiber of my being things will be okay. And to that I say I will add some sugar and make lemonade. Because nothing is gonna drag me down… And I hope that is one thing my kids can take also-enjoy today and don’t worry about tomorrow- as Mark told our son just yesterday – “You have a roof over your head, a vehicle to drive, your healthy and capable of working… A family who will always be there for you…What more do you need?”



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