Overdone on so many counts!

Well Happy late Thanksgiving to you all! We celebrated ours on the Saturday night following Thanksgiving as our daughter hosted her in laws at their home and our son and his girlfriend spent it with her family. Mark and I are VERY versatile so we can kind of go with the flow and do whatever.

I must say that I really need to brush up on my serving sizes however. My menu consisted of a 24 lb turkey, 48 (yes 48) Texas dinner rolls, mashed potatoes and gravy, buttered corn, sweet potatoes with caramel sauce, cranberry relish, cranberry sauce, sausage and mushroom stuffing for the hubby, stove top stuffing for everyone else, olives and dill pickles, crab dip and crackers, stuffed baby Bella mushrooms, Tator tot bombs, hot cider, oh and let’s not forget dessert- 3 pumpkin pies, 2 pecan pies and 1 that was a cheesecake, pumpkin and pecan layered pie. I was going to make a cranberry orange pound cake but figured I had enough! Haha

NOW….let me tell you how many people I cooked all this fab food for… SIX! Six people! SIX! I know, such an over achiever right!?! Did anyone catch that is ONE pie-PER person! Needless to say a lot went home with the kids.

All in all it was a great time! We sat around the table and played games, watched movies, talked a lot. The guys spent some time out in the shop and riding the trails on the ranger with trax, and the girls spent lots of time chit chatting. Of course it’s just not game time unless my kids argue and fight-but they will get over that…someday…I hope…. I do know that when the rubber hits the road my kids have each other’s backs.

As Mom, I like to try to be peacemaker, comfort food provider, and moral support advisor… Sometimes my boundaries are crossed and I over do. This is when I have to step back and let nature take its course and ride it out. Sit back and enjoy, sit back and worry, sit back and just be. In the end I’m so proud of my kids and their differences. Wouldn’t the world be such a boring place if everyone were the same? I’m THANKFUL we are not!

The last of the kiddos have left now and the hubby and I are vegging out on the couch. It’s back to just the two of us. The house is again quiet. It’s a happy and sad feeling all at once. Mentally and physically tired which is reminding me to call my mom to check on my step-dad who was admitted to the hospital this weekend. Sometimes we just don’t know what hand we will be dealt, but I will play whichever one that is. Because , really…. What else can you do?

Happy belated Thanksgiving!



Tis the season to be thankful

Lets talk about thankfulness. At this very moment I am almost overwhelmed with everything I am thankful for. My list however is pretty simple.

***I woke up today! God has given me another day. Another day to make a difference. Another day to be kind to someone. Another day to give encouragement to someone who may desperately need it.

***my Husband! He has been gone for a week so far on a hunting trip and I miss him terribly. You can only truly enjoy not cooking, no schedule, no routine for so long. You can only eat chips and dip for breakfast and chex cereal for supper at 10 pm so long before you just miss your routine. My pillow feels NOTHING like his shoulder. I believe God crafted his shoulder with my head in mind! Date nights. Our own personal cheesiness that only we get. How hard he works for our family. His hugs.

***my Kids! This is a no brainer for anyone who really knows me. My kids pretty much consume me. I am so proud of both of them! My daughter Sam and her hubby are in such a special fun place in their life-newly married, homeowners, numerous remodeling projects, and Sam always seems to have some crafty project up her sleeve. That is, when she isn’t pinning FIVE BILLION PINS per day about her “forever home”. She’s inspiring! Austin is in a very transitional period in his life right now. In the process of finding a new profession, a possible move and a new beginning. The smarts that this kid has is incredible! He can do anything he sets his mind to! Tough exterior but complete softy! I trust that God has the perfect job, home and life picked especially for them and hope Austin follows Gods lead in every choice he makes.


***Memories! I’m reminded today of how many good memories I have of my kids childhood. How at such a young age Austin and his friend Jacob would just grab the circular saw, a hammer, some nails, some scrap wood and go head to the tree to build a tree house. I watched from the kitchen—- casually think to myself “oh how cute the kids are using power tools to build a tree house” bahahah!!!! How I would look out another day and see Austin and his friend Trevor take off with the gun and the dog to go squirrel hunting. Just another casual day in the country. How we would watch Rachel Ray together and head to town to get the ingredients to make the same meal at home. Endless hours of guitar hero. Board games. Tiger Woods golf. How Sam would set up EVERY chair in our house in perfectly aligned rows, next to her play kitchen and set up all her dolls and stuffed animals on the chairs and play movie theater. How every single new Barbie she got she had to strip down naked – just because that is how they were supposed to be. To hear her sweet voice singing “A whole new world” from Aladdin…over and over and over and over and over…(get it?) to see her dressed in that beautiful gold ball gown just like Belle from Beauty and the Beast (another obsession) that she hardly ever took a break from wearing. When she did decide to change from that dress it was into two or three other dresses ( all at the same time) because she just couldn’t decide which one she wanted to wear. And they HAD to twirl!!! Hearing Sam say “Oh shit!” when she was about 3 years old because she dropped her doll. Yes she said that and also knew the context to use it! Hahahah! Inside jokes. Pickle snacks. Deep and meaningful shared conversations. My kids both growing into fine adults who also became my friends.

***family ! My Mom for giving me the gift of cooking. My Grandma for making me her favorite! 😜😜😜 . My niece Destiny who never fails to crack me up. Our personal jokes, strange made up games, her ability to trip on air, her sweet spirit and innocence that I hope never leaves her.

***coffee….chocolate….caramel filled chocolate chips…chips and my Moms Garlic dip….my favorite feather pillow….Netflix….. (These need no explanation😉 and they all go together!)

What are YOU thankful for?