🎄Christmas traditions & debit card fraud😡

Tis the season! The time of year to set out and shop til you drop, to overspend, to overbuy, to overcompensate. To buy so many meaningless things just for the sake of buying, to fill your house, or better yet, someone else’s house with yet more clutter. To spoil the kids rotten! Muahahah……For SOME. For me however it’s the time to try to stick with what is tried and true, what has worked for us for as many years as I care to remember.

I’m not sure what year I started but one day I was listening to a radio program called Focus on the Family. They were talking about Christmas gifts and how many you should/shouldn’t buy for your kids. They made this point—Jesus got 3 gifts….why should our kids feel like they deserve more? What a good point! So began our new tradition. My kids got three gifts. One was something they “wanted”…one was something they “needed” and one was simply a “surprise”. Some years when winter came and they outgrew a winter coat or boots which I would have to purchase anyway, they got that as their “need” gift. It’s just how we decided to do it and it has worked well for us.

One Christmas there came a point where I kind of flubbed up. What they “wanted” was very expensive…so they got one gift-you wanted it, you thought you needed it…surprise! You got it! And that’s ALL you got! haha! I tried very hard to not do that again, because it really took the meaning away from what I was trying to accomplish.

This year I’ve been trying to figure out the one last thing to get my daughter for Christmas. She’s in a season right now where she doesn’t really choose things for “her”…it’s more things like, “WE need to finish the bathroom remodel” or “WE really could use this” But I really wanted to get her something I know she wants that only SHE can use and that I know she wouldn’t go out and spend the money on herself.

She had mentioned earlier in the year she wanted the new Urban Decay makeup, that she has all these cool new brushes but no cool new makeup. Voila! Done! So I decide to go online on Black Friday and check out the deals! Who doesn’t like a bargain? I find a website “findurbandecay.com” AMAZING deals! Wow! I can get her TWO sets AND a primer for what one set would cost me! Sign me up! Quick get this deal done before they run out!

Wellllll…do NOT go to that site! Do NOT ever try to place an order on thAt site! If you want Urban Decay, spend the money, drive to the expensive department store and just splurge! Why, you ask? Because that website has only been up and running for about 50 days, based in the Netherlands, owner is in China. Very high risk and highly unsafe they say! (I find this out after the fact). I put in the last of my debit card numbers and hit submit. A box pops up-“This Site may be unsafe, do you wish to continue?” Ummm… HELL NO!!!! Fast click CANCEL!!! UNDO!!!

Too late,damage is done….Zang Bang Clang or whoever he is has stolen my info and now charged my account for some huge toy purchase in Beijing China! Oh happy days!!! Now I get to fill out a dispute form with my bank, order a new debit card and go through the fun of changing all my payment methods AGAIN! Stupid ass hackers! Use your damn brain for something good like finding a cure for fricken alopecia or some damn thing! Don’t take my money! I just went through this last year when I bought her the kitchenaid from Target! Sheesh!

At any rate, it won’t get me down. Christmas is still gonna come, we are still gonna get together and have our traditions, and for the sake of taking the high road I guess I can wish Mr.Clang a merry Christmas too and I hope he’s enjoying the fricken toys I bought him!



2 thoughts on “🎄Christmas traditions & debit card fraud😡

  1. I used to work in the fraud department at Citi Bank. During the Holidays. NIGHTMARE! People calling about their card being declined IN THE STORE on BLACK FRIDAY LOL. Oh man. Miserable stuff!


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