January’s happenings

How’s 2015 treating you so far? Not too shabby here. Can’t say as though there are any real, over the top exciting things that have happened here. Winter is our slow time. Without much snowfall it doesn’t leave a whole lot to do. I mean there are ALWAYS things to do, but kinda nice to be able to just kick back and have whatever kind of days we want. Wait…. We ALWAYS have those kind of days… I forgot!😉

Main thing we have been working on is lighting our big brush piles. The biggest one we lit was about 100 feet long by 50 feet wide. It was probably 15 feet above ground and equally as much below ground! I’m a huge firebug so I was in my element! Poking in the coals, sucking up the heat, just being mesmerized by the sight! Love it!!!


This month we celebrated our sons girlfriends birthday. We went to Texas Roadhouse. For each kids birthday we let them choose where they want to go out to eat and I try to make the birthday dessert of their choice. Allyshas was a chocolate mousse dessert. Never made it before , maybe never will again. The picture far outweighed the taste! It wasn’t HORRIBLE, but wasn’t great. I’d tweak it if I did it again. The meal was great other than the moth in my daughters salad…and her burnt steak she got back when the first time around it was “a bit too pink”.


This month our son and his girlfriend also got a new puppy. She is a black lab and her name is Nikka. She is adorable! I have not yet met her in person but have had Skype dates, and have a bag of goodies for her when I do meet her. I can’t wait! My new grandpuppy-let the spoiling begin!


Our daughter and her husband are expecting a baby in June. I cannot wait! What a blessing! She is going through all the normal can’t eat, can’t sleep, can’t get comfy, exhausted kind of stuff. As *A* mom I just say • “Well little lady this is how it is.” As *HER* mom I just wanna take it all for her. If only we could just bottle up all the bad stuff our kids go through and take it. That makes me sit and contemplate just what Jesus went through-for me, for you. Even if it were only you He would have still went through it all, for just one! That amazes me! Anyhoo, here’s the latest prego pic of my little Sammilu.


I’ve been learning to crochet. It’s been a fun, humorous adventure. I have a long way to go but I’m getting better! You will see from the pics I attach where I came from and where I’m at.


I call these my “misfits”. Let me explain…the top left pic you will see is a bunch of “single” booties. Why is there only one of each you ask? Well that would be because I screwed the first one up so bad I couldn’t recall my mistakes to duplicate it for the second one.

The next one would be the single mitten and bootie. Same issue. But you may notice the nice little twist I put on these….the mitten has about a half inch thumb….really practical….and the bootie is fine if you are severely club foot.

Moving straight down you will see a few hats. Disaster….if you have a head the shape of a mushroom, it’s yours. If you have a cone head, you can have it.

Then there is this atrocious bunny lovey. Who am I kidding when I think any child could love such an ugly thing? My hubby begs to differ. He imagines a cute little girl dragging that thing all over the place. I on the other hand see it becoming my grandpuppys chew toy. The face is ridiculous….horror story material.


Now you will see I’ve gotten a bit better. These are some hats and a scarf I’ve worked on. I’m pretty proud of these. Mainly because you can’t see the backs where I messed up.😉


The first little moose hat is one I’m striving to make. It has kicked my butt! The hat itself went great! (It’s the one right below…it’s the dang horns that are killing me!!!) I have finished it. It’s ugly. The pic is below. The next is a “wannabe” baby Ugg boot and a little ruffled baby headband.



The poor ugly makeshift moose that looks like a pig…warthog….crossbreed of a cow and deer….who knows….if at first you don’t succeed….turn it into a dog toy and try try again.

I will end with where I see my life going…..***sighs****



Even Jesus….




What would YOU bring to heaven?⛅️

Recently a friend asked me a pretty interesting question. If you could bring any ONE thing to heaven what would it be? This question is really just for fun. So I will tell you what my first instinct was.

My absolute first reaction was the same as if I were to wake up and my house were on fire…. Not family photos… But my teeth! Hahaha! I’m at the mid point of my dental work where I’m currently in a set of temporary dentures healing until my implants can be set. So of course my teeth were the first thing that popped in my mind. But then it took me a hot second to realize – HELLOOOOO… You’re going to heaven you will NOT need your teeth-in heaven everything is perfect and my teeth will be better than they ever have been…so no to the teeth.

I start thinking of all the other things that are “important” to me. Got one…. Definitely my makeup- a cosmetologist by trade, was taught that you don’t leave your house to even get the mail without “putting your face on”…( I do not do this…. anymore)…so makeup. Wait- am I REALLY gonna care about “putting my face on” in heaven???? Uh, no. So I guess there goes my next one-probably won’t bring my rejuvaderm either. Again, my skin will be flawless in heaven so no rejuvaderm. Hahaha! Well this is really hard!

I’m really gonna have to think about this. All the things we think are important to us maybe aren’t so important when you look at the big picture. Hmmm. Also maybe showing me a little flaw in me… Vanity. Ouch.

So I decided to send this message out to some family members, just for fun to see what their thoughts were. Pretty funny I will say.

My niece who is 14 and just got a new smart phone of course immediately said she would definitely bring her phone. I said, “WHO are you gonna call??” She said “I don’t know, but I’d have it to play games.” She doesn’t get the magnitude of heaven I don’t think. I’m almost guaranteeing that once in heaven she will find many more things to occupy her time than games. Butttt…. She IS 14, so….. Hmmm ! Oh and probably the most hilarious thing she also said she would bring was a heater! Hahahhahah ! A heater! She’s like me and always cold but yet again failed to remember that once again- heaven is perfect- she ain’t gonna need a heater.

So moving on. My 20 year old sons first response was of all things-his playstation! Really? Of course it would be. Of course. He then said “This is a dumb question because it is perfect in heaven and you will have everything you want….so nice try mom, I love you but try again.” Then quickly followed this with, ” I’d bring my scooby blanket.” Just a kid trapped in an adult body! Love him. His girlfriend said she just wasn’t sure but this question really had her thinking.

My husband said , “I would bring with me the memory of all the questions that I have for God but would probably forget once I got there.” I told him anything he might be wondering would quickly be forgotten or not be important once he’s actually there. But he still stands by the fact that he wants to ask God… Hey are aliens real? What about Area 51? What about Bigfoot? Stuff like that. Hahahah

My daughter wouldn’t give me an answer right away. She was thinking. I will come back to her.

So after much deliberation I came up with something. I think I may wanna bring a close friend or loved one who is not saved, or maybe someone who just doesn’t believe, to show them that heaven is real, and what they could have missed out on. However the next dilemma would be, how do you choose just one? I totally understand this is all hypothetical. That no one gets to “pick one thing” to bring to heaven. It’s been a fun conversation to have with my family though. My daughter told me that she came up with something also, that she has really put thought into it and came up with a good one. She said she would bring an unbeliever. Great minds must think alike huh? Hahaha

So, if given the opportunity what would YOU bring to heaven if you could bring just one thing? (Hypothetically , of course😉)