Life’s Blessings

Today (I guess it was yesterday-didn’t realize that it’s 1:50 a.m right now) I had the privilege and honor to go with my daughter and son in law to their ultrasound appointment. This was the one where they would get to find out the sex of the baby. I was asked/allowed to come as long as I didn’t peek at the screen when they were in that area. How I wanted to peek! It would have been so easy to just sneak a peek through my fingers! But I looked at my daughter and she was zoned in on me like a hawk! She did the “pointy fingers from her eyes to mine” thing saying “I’m watching you!” They weren’t going to find out at the dr either. They wanted the results sealed for them to enjoy the special moment alone together in the privacy of their own home. How special! So many things are made to be productions nowadays, how special for them to truly make it about just them.


She wanted both Mark and I to come and be able to have dinner with them that night and get the big reveal but Mark was tied up with work and not able to come. So the plan was that they would come up to our house next weekend to tell us. That plan did not last long. She was way too excited and couldn’t wait.

While I was at my sons house she called wanting to know when I’d be home because she wanted to FaceTime with her dad and I tonight. I was helping my son with his taxes so I told her when I was done I had to stop at walmart and would be on my way home. She basically told me to hurry up.

I had spent the afternoon at my sons house with his girlfriend playing with their new puppy. Oh…my….lanta….I am in love! What a sweet, cute, cuddly, freaking adorable little pup! She truly brings so much joy to the two of them! She came to them at just the right time! What a blessing! Of course I had a few more goodies for her-a pink camo collar and a pink camo mossy oak squeaky duck. Spoiled! (That’s ok)


I came away from today feeling extremely blessed that I have the kind of life and time right now that I’m able to pick up and just go…that I’m able to make it for special, important events and also just fun outings for the heck of it. To see the closeness of my kids with their loves. To watch my son in law tear up at the sight of his baby doing flips inside his wife….to see her look up at him and smile the most genuine smile…to see my son come home from work and call his girlfriend over to sit on his lap and see how much he cares…Its times like this when all the cares of the world fade away…I simply cannot wait to meet my little grandbaby! By the way…

It’s a boy ! 💙  ☺️🎉😘




One thought on “Life’s Blessings

  1. Congratulations to your daughter and son-in-law, and you too 🙂 How exciting, and I love the way you talk about your freedom to really enjoy your grown kids and their lives. I think about the future, and how much of a need there is in our society for grandparents to be actively involved in their children’s and grandchildren’s lives.


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