Recognizing today’s blessings 

I sit here looking out my living room window at the beautiful day it is and am thinking of the many ways I am blessed. I get to live in a beautiful home on beautiful property, I have a hard working husband  who goes above and beyond every single day to make sure that I [...]

Advocare Phase 1 meals- Days 6-10~~Part 2

Continued.... ***DAY 6*** BREAKFAST: Scrambled eggs (me-2, Mark-3) with green pepper, cabbage and tomato and a fruit smoothie SNACK: Me: cantaloupe, Mark: Dark cocoa almonds LUNCH: : Whole grain wrap (me-1, Mark-2) with lean roast turkey, tomato, cabbage, shredded carrots. SNACK: Me: almonds Mark: string cheese DINNER: : venison for Mark and a lean beef [...]

Advocare phase 1 meals- Days 1-5~~Part 1

Here is what Mark and I ate during days 1-5 on our phase 1 cleanse with Advocare. You will notice we ate ALOT, and still lost weight! Anytime you see "fruit smoothie" it is always made the same: half a blender full of ice, two servings of fruit ( one for each of us) two [...]

Phase 1 of our Advocare 24 day challenge 

On March 10 Mark and I started the Advocare 24 Day Challenge. We decided it was time for change. I'm going to let you know how the first phase of it went. The first 10 days is phase 1, the cleansing phase. The program is designed that when you wake up you take a drink [...]