Advocare Phase 1 meals- Days 6-10~~Part 2


***DAY 6***

BREAKFAST: Scrambled eggs (me-2, Mark-3) with green pepper, cabbage and tomato and a fruit smoothie

SNACK: Me: cantaloupe, Mark: Dark cocoa almonds



Whole grain wrap (me-1, Mark-2) with lean roast turkey, tomato, cabbage, shredded carrots.

SNACK: Me: almonds Mark: string cheese



venison for Mark and a lean beef pattie for me, steamed summer squash and green beans

SNACK: Mark had air popped popcorn with zero calorie spray butter, I didn’t have a snack.

***DAY 7***

BREAKFAST: Mark had venison and 2 hard boiled eggs and some sweet potato , I had two hard boiled eggs and a rice cake, and we both had fruit smoothies.

SNACK: I had almonds and Mark had whole grain crackers

LUNCH: Lean chicken sandwich on whole grain oat nut bread with lettuce and tomato

SNACK: Mark had an apple and I had almonds

DINNER: Mark had venison steak, I had a lean turkey burger, we both had a salad with lettuce, tomato, green beans, and kidney beans. Mark had fat free thousand island and I had salsa.



Mark and homemade granola bars I made ( oats, raw honey and PB2 (powdered peanut butter)- these only have 49 calories per bar how I made them.

***DAY 8***

BREAKFAST: I had 2 hard boiled eggs and a rice cake, Mark had 3 eggs with portobello mushrooms, kidney beans, spinach and tomato, we both had fruit smoothies.

SNACK: I had cantaloupe and Mark had roasted soybeans.( he told me I didn’t ever have to buy them again😛)

LUNCH: spinach and greens with albacore white tuna, beans and hard boiled egg. (This was kind of dry…not the best meal I ever made) Mark had an extra Spark drink at lunch today. Said his butt was dragging a little and needed some pep. He said it helped a lot.

SNACK: I had cantaloupe and Mark had whole grain crackers with peanut butter.



lean grilled pork, cabbage fried rice ( I modified the recipe I found to make it work for us- cabbage, shredded carrot, whole grain brown rice and onion sautéed in a little olive oil) and steamed broccoli.

SNACK: Mark had a homemade granola bar

***DAY 9***



I had 2 hard boiled eggs and a rice cake, Mark had sweet potato hash with Canadian bacon and three poached eggs, we both had a fruit smoothie.

SNACK: I had an orange, Mark had pistachios

LUNCH: creole stew – Mark had an extra Spark today also.

SNACK: I had  whole grain crackers and roasted nuts, Mark had a granola bar and roasted nuts.( we musta been snacky today)

DINNER: cod with red potato,and a mixed green salad with cabbage, carrots and tomato

SNACK: Mark had dark cocoa almonds and I didn’t have a snack

***DAY 10***

BREAKFAST: oatmeal with craisins, I used a bit of agave for sweetener and Mark used a bit of raw honey. ( I like oatmeal with tons of brown sugar…TONS….this was not good. Very bland, but we choked it down. I had one hard boiled egg and Mark had three. We both had a fruit smoothie

SNACK: I had a rice cake and Mark had almonds



I’m just saying….this meal I could eat EVERY day! It tasted soooooo good!  We both had chicken rice bowls made with whole grain brown rice, steamed broccoli, summer squash and carrots. I sautéed the chicken in a little olive oil and a tiny, tiny bit ( maybe 1/2 tsp) of soy sauce to give it a bit of flavor. I don’t have the low sodium soy right now so I had to improvise.

SNACK: I had an orange and Mark had  2 hard boiled eggs. He also opted for an additional Spark.



I had a lean beef pattie and salad with tomatoes, cabbage and carrots. Mark had a meatless burger which consisted of two halves of a big portobello mushroom for the “bun” stuffed with lettuce, tomato a hard poached egg, a little mustard and a tiny bit of low fat cheese. Mark also had sweet potato bites that were topped with avocado and a TINY bit of bacos. 15 calories each how I made them.

SNACK: Mark had two homemade granola bars.

This concluded our ten day cleanse phase. Have you ever known a “cleanse” to allow you to eat SO much food???

On this plan you do not count calories but as I said I wanted to keep track for my own personal reasons. On day 7 we started giving Mark a bit more protein with his meals and upped his calories a bit. He was feeling sluggish some days and needed an extra Spark drink. So we thought that we would up his protien a bit. What happened when we did this is he stayed at his 8 lb weight loss for the last three days of this phase. He didn’t lose any more and didn’t gain any. The morning of day 11 entering our next phase, the max phase he decided that he wants to go back to what we did at first. I wondered the same thing. It’s good to know how his system works. Once he hits his goal we can switch things up to maintain. It’s all a process.

For me the issues continue to be and probably will be for the rest of my life…irregularity. I’ve consumed more probiotics in this ten days than you can imagine and the best I can tell is that my body is about a day behind on getting rid of what it’s supposed to. I will continue pushing on. Stay tuned for the next update on how it is all going in the max phase!




2 thoughts on “Advocare Phase 1 meals- Days 6-10~~Part 2

    1. Thanks! It’s so much easier than I thought it would be! I must say we had to be in the right frame of mind to even wanna pursue this. It’s been going great, can definitely see this as a lifestyle change not a diet!


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