Recognizing today’s blessings 

I sit here looking out my living room window at the beautiful day it is and am thinking of the many ways I am blessed.

I get to live in a beautiful home on beautiful property, I have a hard working husband  who goes above and beyond every single day to make sure that I and the kids are taken care of. I have great kids who I love so much and are showing me every single day that they are growing into mature adults who can hold their own and don’t always need me picking up the pieces (even though I always will😉), I have a grandson on the way that I can’t wait to meet, Mark and I have made changes to ensure a healthier lifestyle, we both come from great families, we may not have a ton of friends but we have a handful of really amazing ones that we can count on through thick and thin, day or night, our sick dog is getting better every day. The list is really endless. Things could certainly be worse.

I think about all the little things…Mark and I thank God every day from the biggest to the littlest. It’s  all about living a life of thankfulness, because none of us are truly worthy when you look at the big picture. We live in a self centered, selfish, me-me-me world. Just imagine- what if you woke up tomorrow and had only the things that you thanked God for yesterday? That is a wake up call for me…

Happy Sunday- you are blessed-be a blessing to someone today!



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