Challenge accepted! 

On March 10, Mark and I started a lifestyle change journey by starting the Advocare 24 Day Challenge. Yesterday was the last day and we both feel a little sad it’s over. Who would think?!? Well, it’s not over…it will continue. We will just be using what we were taught to keep going until we hit our goal.

Mark lost 18 lbs and 8 inches! Guys seem to lose it so much easier!  I lost 13 lbs and 9 inches. It’s amazing how much better a person feels even losing that much. I want to lose 37 more and Mark wants to lose 48. We will continue to eat like we’ve been eating and will continue with a few of the products we’ve been using. Today is the first day without Spark-our morning energy drink. I ordered late and will go a few days without. I have not had a cup of coffee in 25 days and actually don’t miss it. I miss the “idea” of coffee and there definitely are triggers like cold, rainy days, road trips, etc. But will continue Spark as that has sort of replaced it (for now).

As far as vitamins-because  I am cheap and don’t want to waste we will use our GNC vita packs that I had ordered (in abundance) right before we had no idea we would be starting Advocare. We will continue Omega-3’s and Mark will continue using the Catalyst, which helps so he doesn’t lose muscle mass while losing fat. He works too hard to not take care of that aspect.

The one thing I guess I can say I regret is that I didn’t exercise once doing this challenge. I’m not active by nature-kind of a slug. But I had great intentions of at least doing my walk at home dvd or biking more. I love to ride bike and actually would have done more had the weather cooperated better. But all I can do is take it from here and try to do better.

I learned I overused salt horribly and that everything tastes sweet after not having sugar for 24 days. This weekend is Easter and will be our first trial-I’ve planned the meal to a tee, what we can have, what we can’t, how much and will officially have our first dessert in a month. Excited! We hope that we will continue to be motivated to make wise choices.

The program works and it was actually easy and went so fast. Like I said we both feel a little sad it’s over and kinda wish we were starting all over again today. We may do the challenge again in the future, but for now are going to focus on what the program taught us. We signed up to be distributors just so we could get a product discount and why not? There are products we will continue to buy…why not get them cheaper?

All in all I would recommend this challenge to anyone! It’s worth it!



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