Birthdays, baby showers & new jobs-OH MY

What’s new? Long time no write…. Guess I haven’t had much to say. This months been kinda crazy, getting yard work done from our early spring. It’s been gorgeous here the past week-windows open, 65-70°and sunny. Nothing like last winter when we still had 20+ inches of snow on the ground. Don’t miss that a bit!

We are getting ready for our son-in-laws birthday this weekend. He’s a great guy! We always take the kids out for dinner at the place of their choice for their birthdays. Jordon decided he didn’t want to go out to eat but wanted to have a picnic at the land up north. He’s a simple guy…refreshing sometimes! He sent me his list of what he’d like made. His choices: juicy Lucy hamburgers stuffed with pepper jack cheese, onions and peppers…(cooked over WOOD fire-because he’s primitive 😉) a few different pasta salads, potato salad, baked beans and apple crisp. Weather is supposed to be beautiful that day! Can’t wait! Should be another perfect family day!

Other exciting news is that our son got a new job! Annnnd…it’s close to us! So now all I have to do is get the rest of my family up this way!😊😊😊. He will be coming back to a passion of his, working back in the archery/sporting goods world! He enjoys doing construction right now but it’s already taking a toll on his 20 year young body, and this job is what he’s passionate about. I have no doubt that one Facebook message will send his people running back to him to get their bows fixed from miles around! There will be plenty of room for growth and other opportunity here for him also. It will be a life change and him and his girlfriend will be picking up and moving from an area they’ve become used to. It certainly is a different way of life here. I think it will be good though!

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that a man being truly happy where he’s at in his life means the world. They say if mama ain’t happy….it goes both ways my dear! We missed many an opportunity due to me not willing to move or change, and I can look back now and see how it took a toll on Mark. I can sit and wonder what life may have been like for all of us had I just sacrificed a little and let him be where he could be happy. Maybe things would have played out different. I believe to everything there is a season, maybe that wasn’t our season…maybe we missed the boat. I can tell you with certainty we didn’t miss the last boat & with that we were able to give encouraging advice to our son & also his girlfriend. To our son, that you don’t waste opportunities and if something comes along grab it if it’s what you love…to his girlfriend that even if she may be unsure, to follow the lead of Austin and was able to tell her my story of sacrifice-or not sacrificing.  Austin is the head of his home and at some point will end up married with a family and all these things along the way are building character in him that will carry him through the years.

We gave the kids this advice: the bible says knock and the door will open. We believe that anything you ask God for He will give it to you IF it is within his will for you…that doesn’t mean we ask for a million dollars and poof it’s means ask, and wait. We believe that things that are meant to be will be free and easy. Looking for a job? Ask. When one comes along if it all goes flawlessly  it’s yours! It says knock…it doesn’t say push, bang, knock harder, knock louder, if it don’t open get a bulldozer and knock that baby down….knock, if it’s meant to be the door will flow open freely. We also pray for closed doors if it’s not something that is going to be good.

Finally, this month is the baby shower for our daughter! I cannot wait! I am soooo excited to be a grandma! You just have no idea! It’s so exciting to talk to her everyday and hear how her body is changing, how she’s feeling, what she is going through. I love being around her and Jordon and watching how intently he pays attention to her. He will do anything for her.  He gets her slippers and puts on her feet when she’s cold, opens the window when she’s hot, blankies for her when she gets cold, runs for food, numerous cheese curd stops, won’t let her lift a finger  to carry a bag of groceries in, opens the door for her. It’s endless – and those are all the little things to remember in the grand scheme of things! He truly loves her-it shows! They are going to make great parents! It will be so nice to get together with family and friends at her shower! It’s always a good time and always a good laugh! I can’t wait! We have so much to be grateful for!

Mark and I are still on our diet…oops…lifestyle change. He’s lost 22lbs so far and I’ve lost 16 1/2. Yes I’m counting that half! I worked for it….it’s mine! Haha ! Yesterday was rough. I couldn’t make lettuce taste good anymore. I wanted cake, candy, pizza…coffee with sweet Italian cream…I wanted it all and I …was…crabby…. I would rather have stayed fat yesterday! Mark told me to go ahead and do whatever I wanted but he’s come too far to go back now. I said “oh no…I’m not quitting…I just hate lettuce today…..😢😢😢😢” So for supper we had ….lettuce…haha with turkey taco meat and diced tomatoes. At dinner Mark prayed that my mind would clear and food would taste good to me. It worked. It actually tasted like a meal…not just a salad! Thankful! 🙏 It amazes me that food must have such a hold on me for me to almost CRY over vegetables. Today was better…so we continue. Sunday is our FREE day so look out! Hahaha




2 thoughts on “Birthdays, baby showers & new jobs-OH MY

  1. Lots of good things happening in your life! That’s fantastic- the weight loss, the job, and the baby 🙂 This was a timely post for me- I am seeing things fall into place in my own life, and feeling a little ashamed of how little faith I have sometimes.

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    1. Thanks! Yes it sounds like things are looking up for you also! Change is change even if it’s returning to the familiar! Trusting all will go exactly as it should for you through the process!


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