Date day

Yesterday the hubby & I finally had a long overdue date day! I said we should go to a movie,  or dinner or something. I told him (because I’m cheap) that we should just go to a matinee …he quickly said we were NOT going to a matinee, that we were going on a “real” date at night & to quit being so frugal. Haha ! Well plans changed when he was out working and threw the track off his skid steer. The work day was now over and we were free to do whatever we wanted. So—matinee it was ! Haha we left a bit early and I knew we were gonna go past the big casino. We are NOT gamblers, but as we were approaching I thought to myself that *maybe* we should just stop and throw $10 in a machine and have some “people who never gamble luck” and win big! Haha as we  got closer I looked at the clock and thought-we sure have enough time to stop. We get close and Mark says “Look at that! Look at all…those…cars….all…those…people in there on such a beautiful day throwing their money away. Hahahah We kept driving. Haha

We decided to go to Hinckley, MN. They have a theater there with a pizza place right inside, or there are a few other places to eat if we wanted something else. We got to the movie and I NEVER have popcorn, it goes way back to being pregnant with my daughter-the smell of movie theater popcorn gags me! I get raisinets (of course) and Mark gets his popcorn. At this theater they have seasonings to put on it. He chooses ranch. It smells good…I try it. Oh….em….gee…… I’m in! So much so that I better get my own! (And a shaker container of ranch to add as my stash goes down) Let me preface this with—we are on a “lifestyle change”(not diet😉), but when we cheat…we really cheat! This theater has cotton candy, homemade fudge, nachos, pizza, beer,fried pickles, you name it! You can even order the pizza and they will bring it to you while you’re watching your movie! Sorry if I’m overly excited about all this but the movie theater we are used to is….a movie, popcorn, candy and pop. Haha

We saw Furious 7. It was so good! I think I stopped breathing at least a dozen times! It was so action packed! It was really good (a buyer) and really sad. The end tribute to Paul Walker was emotional.  A life ended too soon!

After the movie  we had a pizza. Pizza never tastes so good as when you  can’t have it whenever you want.  Then  we figured since we were there, we may as well go to the Dairy Queen, so this decision made me stop eating pizza at 1 1/2 pieces. I was halfway through my second piece and decided I’d rather have room for ice cream.

We get to te Dairy Queen and my eyes immediately see a sign saying “Red velvet cake blizzard”. Not my thing but figured Mark would be all over it. I was right-he says decision made. There are about 8-10 people ahead of us in line. I do my usual —do I want a cherry sundae or a cheesecake blizzard? Cherry sundae—cheesecake blizzard. I’m stuffed. I don’t even really have room for ice cream(although there’s always room for ice cream) cherry sundae/cheesecake blizzard. I see they have minis now. Mini sundae-perfect! Mini blizzards too-perfect! Do I want a mini?  What if I get a mini and it tastes really good and wish I would have gotten more? What if I get a bigger one and I can’t finish it and should have just gotten the mini? What a waste that would be…two people ahead of us now and I better decide. Maybe try something different? Moolatte sounds good. Can I help you? (Mark)Red velvet cake blizzard …(me)small cherry sundae. Mark knew that’s what I’d choose. I always do.  Small tho-not mini…haha cause Im a glutton! 😂

As we are driving home it’s silence as we are chowing down our ice cream and I say to Mark “I can’t believe you just walk in and pick some random thing and that is that…you just pick red velvet and that’s it” He says it’s something different & you never know unless you try. I ask him what if he hates it tho or it’s not good. I tell him that I LOVE cherry sundaes and I find comfort in KNOWING I love them and that’s good enough for me. He goes on to ask me why I wouldn’t just try something different. Because I might not like it’s much as my cherry sundae. But you don’t know that. But I DO know I like my sundae and knowing that is worth more than trying something I may not like. He says “Well maybe you used to be okay just kissing your mom goodnight, but then kissing boys came along and wasn’t that better?” Hahaha ! Oh our conversations! I had nothing. I couldn’t even comeback with anything. But I will still order a cherry sundae next time! 😉

Im such A creature of habit. Not that we eat fast food much any more at all, but if I go to McDonalds I have to have coke to drink-coke on ice at McDonalds is the best. If I go to taco Johns it has to be Dr Pepper. The ice at Taco Johns is the best!  When I go to Subway I mix sprite and lemonade. It’s just the way it is. At one point I was known to get French fries from McDonalds (cause they are the best) a burrito and a dr pepper from taco johns (because of the awesome ice). I’m just weird. When I was pregnant I had a severe ice thing-it had to be right. I wanted ice but not just any ice. I wanted either taco johns ice or bar ice. Taco johns is like little crushed pebbly morsels and bar ice is just amazing because it’s little square cubes perfectly sized. My hubby brought me home a bag of the big, huge round ice cubes. No…just no. Not acceptable. Ridiculous I know but just like my sundae, I know what I want.

When we left the Dairy Queen we notice a man(probably homeless) and Mark asks if we should drive over and give him our leftover pizza. I’m not big on giving money-if they are hungry I will feed them but rarely feel the urge to give money. Ya never know. 😒 I say we at least need to take my half eaten piece out, that I’m certain he doesn’t want my half eaten piece of pizza. Duh… Ya know if he’s really hungry I’m certain he wouldn’t care if all I gave him was the crust…overthink, overthink, he slips away and we turn the other way. I’m not 100% sure he was homeless -he probably was. But the feeling left me-and I’ve learned that if the feeling doesn’t leave me that’s when I need to act. We once saw a man and woman in a parking lot with a sign saying “hungry”. I went in and shopped and grabbed some warm deli food and a few bottles of water and handed it to them as we left. Again, not going to give you money but if you’re hungry I’d be happy to feed you. I only do these things if I feel led. I do a have a strong spirit of discernment and use it often! Not patting my back just showing another part of who I am.

We took the scenic route home & learned that cell phone GPS doesn’t always work when out of signal range, but thankfully I have a man who could get us home if someone dropped us in the middle of absolute no where, following the sun and crap– I’m thankfu for that!

At the end of our date night I felt like I was hit with a ton of bricks-huge stomach ache…😷…bad choices. Looking back I should have had no popcorn, a FEW raisinets, one piece of pizza…and a MINI sundae. Maybe even just a taste of Marks. Live and learn. Got a long way to go. At the end tho it turned out to be a pretty good day!



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