Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day to every generation of Moms!

 To the Moms who are anxiously awaiting the birth of their first child, to the Moms who are maybe going at it all by themselves doing the work of two, to the Moms who stay home with their children teaching them right from wrong and so many valuable life lessons, to the working Moms who do the same. To the Moms that will soon be “Grand-moms”, to the Moms who have lived a full life and have shared so much wisdom, to the Moms that think they do no good, to the Moms who do their best. To the Moms who are not yet Moms but desperately wish to be, to the Moms of our future.

This day is for YOU! Be proud of the role God gave you! Children are a gift from Him! Enjoy every minute even the bad minutes because someday you will look back and realize life’s too short not to! 
Appreciate your children and what you’ve instilled in them! Two of my greatest accomplishments are my kids and I couldn’t love them more! If my children are a reflection of me…I am beautiful! Love you kiddos! 😘



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