Busyness isn’t OF the devil…it IS the devil. 

Busyness…I wonder sometimes if we will ever get it. I HATE being busy. I DESPISE it. But it is the time of season around here where it is inevitable. We spend most of the winter quietly going out of our minds with little to do then BAM!@$&@….busyness hits you out of no where. When you live on 900 acres there is always a project, always ongoing lawn care, landscaping, yard work and cleanup. So it’s these days that my husbands eyes don’t meet mine for dinner til 9, 10, sometimes 11pm at night.

The reason I’m writing about busyness is because It seems a lot of people I talk to these days are busy, and with busyness comes petty arguments and fights, nitpicking, ornery comments, snide remarks and fighting over really the most stupid things!

Can you believe my hubby and I got into an argument recently over following directions? I understand men rarely read or even NEED directions, but I’m a direction follower.  Long story short Bla bla bla it turned into a little spat. It ended quickly, but still. This is what busyness does. The dumbass little devil tries to edge his way into your life any way he can. Busyness is one of the best ways. He tries to keep you busy so you can’t see what’s really happening. Honestly the little spat was NOT at all about directions. It was because in the middle of life, he’s running ragged, I’m kinda just here, and we aren’t connecting like we should. We’re going in separate directions every day. In those times while you are alone doing your thing, all things become “your thing…his thing” and you disconnect. Not always intentionally, busyness happens…it happens. Then before you know it your fighting over….directions or any other dumb little thing.

Relationships literally fall apart over such crazy stuff. In today’s world it’s not only seemingly correct to throw in the towel but it’s easy to. People take the easy way out far too much in today’s world. No one works at fixing things, they just give up. We always said if people put half as much energy into fixing their problems as they did trying to get out of them things would be different. But it seems marriages nowadays are just like computers, cellphones, almost anything—throw away. Sad.

I believe our kids had a pretty decent life, and it’s my hope that they take from it what they will to make the rest of theirs better. It seems we were always busy-chasing the dollar…trying to make ends meet…working to stay ahead. My husband had to work hard because of choices we made. He always worked very hard to make sure we were taken care of and still  does to this day. We weren’t always smart with our money. Because of this…we were busy. All-the-time. I hope our kids make good choices, don’t dig themselves in too deep, so they aren’t a slave to busyness.

It’s our job to make sure that those moments of disconnect don’t happen and that we stop wearing busyness like some badge of honor. Like its something we are proud of. That needs to change. We can tell the little puke devil to go back to hell where he belongs and stay there. I’ve read the end of the book- he loses.



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