The fab five- Blessed beyond measure!

I am blessed!

Recently my daughter had a baby-Connor Isaac. He is a perfect little boy! The addition of him to our family has an added blessing. He was the little puzzle piece to complete five living generations!  

 We recently got together for a family picnic to celebrate my Uncle Larrys birthday and just celebrate family itself.  He lives in Arizona and was here visiting for the week so we all got together and had great food, a great visit and great cameraderie. Although he  lives far away I do think of him often and don’t forget the role he played in my life as I grew up! While there we took advantage of getting a five generation picture taken! None of us are guaranteed tomorrow so we took advantage of the time that we DO have. This crazy family of mine—uncle Jim(Red Dog- who tells the most hilarious jokes ever), uncle Larry (Pinky-who helped raise me)…aunt Patty(pretty Patty-she would threaten to spank ya if you didn’t call her that!) My Mom(did she have a nickname? And who wasn’t always dealt the best cards but did her best with what she had)and Gram (best Gram ever) & Gramp.(who secretly reminds me of Horace from 101 dalmations😂) Tell me you don’t see that- Hahahah 

Let me tell you about my little Gram! This lady has more spunk and is more fun, funny than anyone I know! She has been such a special part of my entire life! I’ve been with her since my birth! She’s been there for me ever since! We have a bond like no other. She is truly one of a kind and the sad day she decides to go will be a day I go into hiding. That is a day I’m not prepared for at all. People better just let me be when that day comes because it will be by far the hardest thing I will endure in my life! So for now I enjoy every bit of her while I can! From her doing “computer work” (which can we all really know is Facebook)….to thinking she needs a smartphone to keep up with the times….to being the most high-tech Gram I know- who will come right out and ask you if you ever say the “F” word….because she says she does once in a while when she gets “bleeping” pissed….oh that’s a conversation I will never forget! She amazes me and makes me laugh and I love her so much! Thankful to have captured a photo of the beautiful five generations we share!  

It’s truly a blessing and quite an accomplishment to be able to say you have five living generations nowadays! Celebrating all five- especially you Gram—the glue that holds the family together!



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