2nd annual Papa’s chili & family photo day

Happy fall! 🍂🍁

This past weekend we had our second annual Papa’s chili and family photo day. Marks dad had his own chili recipe (which is very different than mine or any I’ve had). I always thought it was “ok”, they made theirs with venison and I’m sure my husband and son would for sure love it more if it were still made that way.  I prefer beef…always have-always will. Not that I won’t make it for them with venison because I totally will.

As I said before I always thought it was ok, until I went through one of my dental surgeries and I couldn’t eat a thing. We had just made this chili and I thought I’d give it a try. Oh…my….goodness did it taste good! I’m not sure if it was because it tasted soooo much better than applesauce and yogurt or what but since then I have CRAVED it!  

So we decided that this will be a yearly event-family photos and chili. It’s a perfect time of year for both.

The morning of photos was so relaxing- my hubby, our son and his fiancé spent time on the porch talking trucks and drinking hot chocolate while covered in a cozy blanket. Our daughter, her hubby and our grandson spent the morning catching up on some much needed sleep. We had scrambled eggs, sausage and toast for breakfast and then we were off.  

It’s such a beautiful time of year where we live. The weekend could not have been chosen any better as far as fall colors. I’m so thankful we did them when we did!

Our family photos are not edited yet so all I have are some candids-

Our beautiful daughter & her baby boy😍

Connor & his Daddy!😀  
A first selfie with our grandson! 

My snuggle bug!
My loves! “Papa let me tell you a story”

Two of the handsome men in my life!😘

Matching outfits😊

  Connor driving the ranger-can never start too early 😉
I can’t get enough of his little face!😘

The photo bomber 😂 

Beautiful fall colors!

I am blessed with an amazing family! Through all the ups and downs we still manage to come together! I recently read a neat quote …”Life takes you to unexpected places~Love brings you home.” Isn’t that the truth?



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