Childhood revisited

Lately I’ve been thinking back to my childhood. Thinking of my earliest memories.

I remember getting a spanking from my Grandma because I refused to get out of the swimming pool. She walked right into  the pool with her shoes on and spanked my butt.

I remember living in a trailer court with my Mom and playing outside with friends. I can remember playing in a sandbox with one friend in particular and both of us ate the sand. That’s not just a joke, kids really did that crap! Little did I know that sand eating friend and I would carry that friendship into high school, and get in lots of trouble together! Haha

I remember taking a can of Coke into the bathtub with me, shaking it up and then cracking it open. It sprayed everywhere. But it didn’t matter because…I was in the bathtub!  I’m not exactly sure why I did that…?

I remember moving onto a dead end road. There were all sorts of kids in the neighborhood. We didn’t have playstations or cell phones, computers or electronics. We had kickball, a swimming pool, a park nearby. Most nights you could find us outside playing kickball in our backyard. Our yard was pretty big but if we combined parts of the other two yards we had a pretty huge kickball field. We used to actually enjoy raking leaves just to jump in the piles. We would take turns stuffing each other’s clothing with leaves to make us all look fat. We’d jump in the piles and then rake them all back up again, only to jump in again spreading them all over the yard.

I remember having walnut fights in the backyard. Picking up those green fuzzy balls and nailing each other with them. Man did that hurt!

I remember an old abandoned building in our backyard. We used to go inside and hang out. It was really kinda creepy but yet we felt so cool to hang out in there. Until one day we climbed up top in the rafters and one of the kids started to fall,grabbed a wire which turned out to be electrified. He got shocked very bad and fell to the ground. That was a pretty scary thing! He ended up being just fine.

I remember going swimming every single day in the summer unless it was raining. At the 3:00 break we would sneak down to the park and swim at the old swimming hole that my mom and her friends used to swim at. We were told to never swim there, that it was dangerous. Probably why it seemed more enticing to do it.

I remember at one point telling my mom I was running away. She didn’t try to stop me! I kept telling her “I’m really going to you know!” She said something to the tune of “Ok, I hope no on kidnaps you!” I remember packing my little blue suitcase and walking to the end of our dead end road. I got to the end where it met the highway and sat on the curb. Where did I think I was going? I sat for a while and noticed a few cars slowing and staring. What if my mom was right? Did they want to kidnap me? So I decided to go back home. I walked in and remember mumbling something like “I don’t feel like going today, maybe tomorrow.” Haha

I remember sitting on the toilet singing my heart out only to get the crap scared out of me by my little sister who was hiding in the closet in the bathroom. She jumped out and I about died!

I remember babysitting for cousins way before I should have been old enough to,but doing just fine! I credit my love for kids and wanting to nurture everyone to that very thing.

I remember Christmases at my Grandmas house where there was an adult table and a kids table. I remember pranking my cousin all the time! We’d make up excuses for her to go ask the adults something and we would put salt in her milk. She’d come back and take a drink and whine and get mad at us. We’d laugh and laugh. Then when she went to tattle on us we’d pour more in! She fell for it every time! It never-got-old!

I remember spending time at my grandmas with cousins and playing in the snow. Because I was the oldest I had to pull my cousins around on the sled. The sled…that was actually a flattened out cardboard box…that you couldn’t pull, you had to push. Because it wasn’t a sled, it was a cardboard box… And not very easy to push either by the way. And I always pushed because I was the oldest…. That really sucked. Haha

I remember skipping confirmation to go to the corner gas station to buy candy.

I remember babysitting my sister and brother and talking on the phone allllll night while my parents were gone. I also remember one time imparticular that my sister decided to make a cake while I was on the phone. She decided to make it on the kitchen floor. She took all sorts of crap out of the cupboard, dumped it on the floor and mixed it up…with her hands.  What a mess. I couldn’t even tattle on her because I was supposed to be watching her. Haha

It’s funny, I didn’t think I could remember that much about my childhood. I always thought it must have been really boring,that nothing really stood out. One of my own kids even says all the time how she remembers very little of her childhood. But I’m here to tell you if you quiet yourself and allow yourself to just think….it will come to you. Things you thought you’d never remember will come back to you. Some of the dumbest little things…like shaking a can of Coke in the bathtub or singing your heart out on the toilet. It all comes back, and you realize that you made some pretty great memories as a child,that there is always something to appreciate about your upbringing and your younger self.

Challenge: reflect on your childhood and what made it so great. There’s always something to appreciate in life. Always.


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