I’m exceptionally happy these days! I don’t know, it’s like life has finally just become what I needed it to be. Or maybe I’ve become what I needed to be. Regardless it’s been a nice change compared to the miserable,cranky, crabby, self-absorbed, negative, stuck in a slump way of being. 

Things that just cluttered my mind with question, worry and anxiety, that clouded my judgment, that I dealt with on a daily basis have not hand such a stronghold on me anymore. 

I am soooo grateful. Not even just for one thing in particular. You know, the fact that you just get to wake up each day should be enough, but to wake up soooo completely blessed. I am so blessed. I have an amazing family! I cannot imagine doing this life without them. I have an amazing husband who works so hard to make sure not only our needs are met but also our wants, who no matter what struggles we go through is always by my side as we go through them together. 

I get to wake up each day, look out my bedroom window to a beautiful private lake that is surrounded by beautiful pine and maple trees in such beautiful colors.  I get to live in a nice home on a beautiful piece of property and get to “work” for the nicest people.  I say work loosely, because it sure doesn’t seem like work. They’ve welcomed us in almost as part of their family. “Work” around here consists of normal day to day things that most people do “after work”. 

I have a few amazing friends who I know I can call on at any time of the day or night and they’d drop everything they were doing if they knew I needed them. I say few because a few is all I need. Quality is so much more important than quantity. 

I’ve learned things can always be worse, so don’t fret….someone else is fighting battles far worse than I am. So I’m grateful. 

Be grateful. You’re not guaranteed tomorrow. 



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