Stop apologizing βœ‹

I’m the grandma that posts a zillion pictures of my grandson & family to Facebook. I’m the one who always has my camera on hand for photo ops.

Quite honestly there have been times where I think “man I shouldn’t post so many pics of Connor, people probably get so annoyed.” But then I stop myself right there, because the only reason I got Facebook in the first place was because when Connor was born I had no other way to share photos of him with my precious Gram other than that. A 90 year old woman on Facebook!πŸ˜‚ Love it!

I could send pics and videos to my mom via text or anyone else basically, but my Gram always enjoyed hearing new things he was doing and I knew she’d love me sharing them with her. Facebook was the perfect outlet to do that.

I’ve been noticing lately however that people are apologizing for posting so many photos of their kids, their pets, their car, their whatever. Why?!? If you feel you want to share, then share away! If people don’t like it there is this button called “unfollow”. Hit it!

Why are we so worried about offending people with photos of things that are important to us? Because you know what? Those photos are important to someone. Someone out there waits daily to see what is coming next. Someone’s day is made brighter by a cute video you send. Sometimes now it is people you don’t even know. I look daily to watch for posts from someone I’ve never even met. Why? Because they are entertaining as heck!

This is probably just a random, stupid post but my point is—STOP APOLOGIZING for posting things that matter to YOU! Who cares what people think!

Scroll on peeps….


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