💭 I scream yet nothing comes out 💭

Ever had a dream where something is happening and you try to scream and you have no voice? Like all that comes out is high pitched air? I do. All.the.time. It’s frustrating.

I’m the queen of premonition dreams… that usually come true at one point or another. Also the queen of google who looked up just what this type of dream meant. Seems as though it is a way of showing me there is someone I am having trouble communicating with, something I need to confront, something I’m angry or fearful about….

Anyone who knows me knows I am FAR from being confrontational. If anything I’m the exact opposite in completely avoiding issues. As my husband would say “there are two kinds of people in the world, ones who run into the fire or ones who run away.” He’s runs into, I run away.

It could also be a type of sleep paralysis which is apparently like you having a dream that you are trying to scream but when you go into the deep, deep sleep that allows you to dream it “paralyzes” your body. Even your vocal chords. So let’s say you are being chased and trying to scream. Your body may let you feel so scared that it is trying to allow you to wake but if your vocal chords are “paralyzed” it doesn’t allow them to work. That’s creepy. Seriously makes me wonder if I was having a dream I couldn’t breathe, could I die? Ugh- oh man.

So if this dream is telling me I need to confront someone or something…then good luck. Of course I can think of many people or things I could confront on one level or another. Guess my dreams will have to clue me in a bit more as to just who or what this is about.

I have no doubt it will become clear to me eventually. I keep a journal of my dreams and date them. At some point something always makes sense with them. There’s a love/hate relationship there. I don’t always like to tell people things I need to. But I do believe that God gave me these dreams, the wisdom, the responsibility. Who would I be to ignore such a gift?

So last night my dream was strange. I was under a huge covered tent. Something was going on, although its irrelevant because I wasn’t there long. The longer I stood there I found myself getting dizzy, blurred vision, stumbly. As if I had been drugged. I hadn’t had anything to drink, yet felt like I was trashed.

Soon someone came and put there hand on my shoulder and started guiding me out of the tent. Next thing I’m in a room, don’t think I was handcuffed but couldn’t free my arms for some reason. Someone came behind me and pushed me to the ground stomach down. Then they started coming closer down to me trying to smother me. I remember trying to grab at anything I could to pull myself away. As this person got closer to my face I remember trying to scream. Nothing came out. Air. Silent air. I kept screaming and nothing. I remember feeling light headed and thought I was going to pass out.

That’s when I woke up. In my moments before becoming fully awake I knew exactly where I was. I was in my bedroom grasping at my pillow, trying to scream, nothing but air and maybe a tiny squeak of noise coming out. I was aware that my husband was just crawling into bed after letting out dog out. I could hear him pulling the blankets back to get into bed and I was still trying to scream and grasp at my pillows. Yet he heard nothing. I KNOW all this was happening -real time- yet he could not hear a thing.

I can’t make sense of that. To be so fully into a dream and so fully into reality at the same time. I woke up and was out of breath. Uff da.

Anyone else experience anything similar? Would love to hear about it.

Til then, sweet dreams!



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