Oh Kenny, the things you make me think…

Today as we sat eating supper (my Gram says calling it dinner is for the  “rich folk”-unless it’s Sunday, then it’s dinner)haha- but as we sat eating supper we started having a conversation about our earliest memories. 

Let me rewind a bit. My Gram has been staying with us this entire month after the passing of my grandpa. Yesterday on the radio Kenny Chesneys song “Don’t Blink” came on. That dang Kenny gets me every time. I’ve written about it before-first your kids are little then all grown with their own, don’t blink, getting poured a glass of milk instead of whiskey, that’s the good stuff, there goes my life, but now that little girl is my whole life, Dangit Kenny! You always make me cry. Oh and want to plant my toes in the water & patoot in the sand and maybe dream about having a beer down in Mexico.

Anyhoo…. I hear the lyrics “a hundred years goes faster than you think, don’t blink”. I was sitting next to my Gram and thought, “Man, she’s 90, I wonder if she’d say it went faster than she thought.” It made me think of how much has changed in her 90 years of life. Then made me wonder to myself what her earliest memory was. She told me it was walking with her dad and she was smarting off, he squeezed her hand and shook it-never said a word, never hollered and it was at that point she knew he meant business and all he had to do was give her a look and she knew she better behave. She figures she was maybe 5 years old. Wow, to remember something some 85 years ago so clearly. 

This made me think of mine. After much brain racking, a few messages and a long phone call to my mom I’ve gotten it narrowed down to around age 3. This was when that nasty mean neighbor boy pushed me down on the sidewalk and split my chin open. I don’t actually remember it happening but I remember the sidewalk and what the house looked like that we lived in. 

That whole conversation sparked so many memories and names of people I’d forgotten about, places we lived, things we did. Flashback for sure. It’s funny the things we remember. The things that stick out to us. 

I hope when I’m 90 ( if I’m blessed enough to make it that long) I have the same recollections as my Gram. I hope I never lose the ability to tell a good story, to make people laugh at all the crazy things that happened to me throughout my life. 

May I appreciate all moments in time, whether good or bad because you don’t get those moments back to redo how you’d handle them. You do the best you can with each day you are given and at the end of it you pat yourself on the back and say way to go, you made it!  With any luck you will have an abundance of wild tales & words of wisdom  to tell your grandkids someday.



My music meltdown while mowing lawn

When I mow lawn (which I love love love to do-I’m not being sarcastic, I LOVE it! It’s my “therapy-solve all the worlds problems” time) but when I mow lawn I listen to music. Boy the range of emotions I go through while I’m mowing my lawn! 

Yesterday while mowing lawn, Kenny Chesneys song-” Don’t blink” came on. For those who don’t know it, it’s basically about the fact that in a blink of an eye your kids grow up, your kids 6 & you blink and they are 25 having their own kids. Oh boy…I have a grandson on the way-due anytime now. I started bawling my head off. The song up until now has held meaning because of my kids. NOW, I have a grandson to think about. I’m the absolute worst person for jumping to unnecessary conclusions and this time was no different. 

I sat and cried my eyes out through the entire song thinking to myself , “We live too far away😢 (we are an hour away😒) he’s never going to remember me if I don’t see him every day, he’s going to be scared of me because he won’t even (sniffle, sniffle)…know me😭, I’m going to go pick him up and he’s going to cry and not want me because….😭😭😭😭I will be a stran…😭😭😭ger…Wah, wah, wah.”

Wow huh? Time to reinstate-or actually START weekly family dinners! 

Next song-Pink, U and Ur Hand….hahaha! I go from this sentimental moment to that. Next song is Carrie Underwood “See you again”. Makes me think of my niece Destiny and I sitting in my kitchen and this song came on and I decide she should make sure this song gets played at my funeral when I die, because I want everyone to know I will “see them again”…. She just looks at me in that teenager tone—-“ohhhhh….kayyyyyyy….”😯

Then Nickelbacks “Burn it to the Ground” comes on and it makes me wanna drive fast and sing loud! I reminisce on my bff and I-this is OUR song. When we get together we have way too much fun…been told we are way too obnoxious but we typically have a great time! 

Next up-Kenny G….and I find myself mellowing and having a hard time mowing a straight row. 

Then good old George Strait—give it all we got. LOVE that song! Oh it goes on and on and on-All the while I have headphones on and I sing like I’m the only one in the universe.

Mowing lawn really IS therapeutic. Who needs to dish out cash to some big, high falootin quack??? I’ll just keep singing my heart out on my bad boy mower….